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Friday, December 31, 2010

Singapore Adventure 2

Day 2 !

Destination :

Welcome by a bunch of Animals ! XD

Adventure @ Madagascar
The Madagascar's Family

Entering to the castle to rescue Fiona - Shrek's darling !

Fiona ~ hang on there.. we're comin~ 

Ladies, grab your weapon ! 

Our Secret Weapon 

Here we go ~ 
Go ~

aahhHH ~ exhausted after the fight ! get a Healing Potion !

The Potions 

A big success ! Let's celebrate at Knight Club ! 

Today's special :

Donkey Live Show ! 

......eerrrr... kinda dissapointed with the show, it was just shown on a screen instead of a real donkey, not even a mascot.


Luckily the friendly BIG boy cheer us up again ! ^_^

Love You ! Big Boy ~ 

Our journey continued...

and here we are ...

Jurassic Park!

The real Triceratops was found !

This is REAL one ! 
"It is 2 years old now, still a baby, please be gentle" said the guy! 


Woahhh ~ the harmful one are here ~ run for your life ~ 

Run~ ..... why nobody's running ?

Go ~ head to Egypt !

From Lost World to Egypt ! 

Met the muscular locals.. they looks SCARY but they're nice ! ^_^

Scary & Sexy Locals..LOL..

It was so nice of the Egyptians that they sent us to the Sci Fi City...

Sci Fi City - Gotta find the way home ! 

Get on board, and here we go ~

Fasten your seat belt ! 

*ttzzz* we had arrived.... NEW YORK CITY !

"Taxi ! Taxi ! Universal Studio Singapore please !!"

from New York to Singapore ! LOL ~

Here we are !

Yahoo ~ We had back in town ! 

What a journey we have had today ! ! !



Friday, December 17, 2010

Singapore Adventure 1

2 weeks before 6 Dec 2010. As usual, we were busy with our daily job scope, suddenly, heard a voice! Singapore is calling! (haha.. actually is my colleague!)

A meeting was called and decided to visit Singapore for 3 days 2 nights. 

Yay! Holiday! Here we come ! 

7 of us, ride on and TIGER ! and.. here we go ~ woohoo ~ 

Our BIG Tiger ! woohoo ~ 

We headed to Bugis street right after we checked-in to hostel. Yea.. HOSTEL, 7 of us were sleeping together !! haha.. 

"I Love Bugis Street".. errr.. not really..

Although I don't really love bugis street, but we had so much fun here ! and this was the place where "chew chew chew" was found ! 

"Chew Chew Chew" ... hahaha... 

For a budget trip, Bugis is a good place to visit, lots of local food and its cheap ! 

Freshly made bread !

Merlion Park ! A must visit spot ! 

The Merlion is spitting *LOL*

Enjoy the night breeze at Marina Bay. 

and then... we played with the pokok kelapa.. 

What we saw ? keep scrolling..

.. g~h~o~s~t~ .. 

Here's the Day 1 gone ~~ 

the most exciting part on Day 2 ~~~ 

stay tune ! 


Friday, September 10, 2010


Recently just can't stop playing this song, here I write to share.. 



~ Just The Way You Are ~


~ Bruno Mars ~ 

Check out the Lyrics :~

Oh her eyes, her eyes
Make the stars look like they're not shining
Her hair, her hair
Falls perfectly without her trying

She's so beautiful, and i tell her everyday

Yeah ~ 
I know, I know
When I compliment her, she won't believe me
And its so, its so
Sad to think she don't see what I see
But every time she asks me do I look okay
I say

When I see your face
There's not a thing that I would change
Cause you're amazing
Just the way you are
And when you smile
The whole world stops and stares for a while
Cause girl you're amazing
Just the way you are
Yeah ~ 

Her lips, her lips
I could kiss them all day if she'd let me
Her laugh, her laugh
She hates but I think its so sexy
She's so beautiful
And I tell her everyday

Oh you know, you know you know
I'd never ask you to change
If perfects what you're searching for
Then just stay the same
So don't even bother asking if you look okay
You know I'll say!

When I see your face
There's not a thing that I would change
Cause you're amazing
Just the way you are
And when you smile
The whole world stops and stares for a while
Cause girl you are amazing
Just the way you are

The way you are
The way you are
Girl you're amazing
Just the way you are

When I see your face
There's not a thing that I would change
Cause you're amazing
Just the way you are
And when you smile
The whole world stops and stares for a while
Cause girl you're amazing
Just the way you are

Yeah ~ 

Girls, live your life in the way you are ! 

Boys, be grateful what you have ! 


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Life is Good !

Life is Good ~ 

with San Francisco Coffee ! 

Here's my drink for my lunch today ! 

~ Yummy ~ 



What made my day ? 

A simple Extreme Buzz cost RM16.30 with Buy One Free One ! 

Enjoy the great moment with my lovely colleague ! 

Yeah ~ This is life ~ so GOOD ! 


Wish Everyone Has A Nice Day Too ! 



Saturday, August 28, 2010

Touched !

Had 2 movies in a row for this week. 

Step Up 3D and Love In Disguise. Thanks TianChad and Wern. ^_^

Both were touching movies. 

Touched by their movements in Step Up 3, touched by simple love story in Love In Disguise. 

I would like to share more about Love In Disguise. 

When I walked into the cinema, I didn't even know what movie was I going to watch since its free movie, anything will do. So happened the movie was broadcast in an old cinema.. eerrr.. i means really old style cineme.. without staircase, if you have bad luck, you can see head more than the movie screen. Luckily that night was not too bad. *Lucky me! ^^*

While I still mumbling why they never revamp the cinema, the show started.. and I saw LeeHom's face ! "ooh.. this is the movie" .. just realized.. LOL ! 

Didn't expect much from the movie, since its just looks like another idolize movie. 

Surprisingly ! Not bad ! 

Simple plot but touching! Comedy & Romance! 

Haven't had such a good laugh in cinema for quite some times. Since recently cinema show a lot of scary movie or action movie. The last I watched was Inception.. that made me feel dizzy after watching. >.<

I'll vote 8 stars out of 10 for Love In Disguise. 

If you've bored of action movie, this is a good movie to go for ! 

The movie synopsis :
Famous from an incredibly young age, Du Ming-Han (Wang Lee Hom) has only ever known a celebrity pop star existence. Yet, despite all the glamour, there is still something lacking in his charmed life - true love. With the help of fellow musician and friend Wei Zhi-Bo, Ming-Han disguised himself as a regular Joe in the hope of finding true love. While incognito, both of them stumble across the performance of a classical Chinese orchestra. Ming-Han is immediately captivated by the melodies of the guzheng soloist, Song Xiao Qing (Crystal Liu Yi-Fei), a student at the Shanghai Conservatory, whose affections lie with the accomplished but arrogant virtuoso, Mu Fan. In his attempt to spend more time with Xiao Qing, Ming-Han promises to help her get together with Mu Fan. As Ming-han and Xiao Qing grow closer, it becomes increasingly difficult to conceal his identity.

The Trailer
Here i share the touching MV too ~ 

Fill your life with laughter and love ! Nice movie to experience! ^^


Can't Wait for Resident Evil : Afterlife !!

RE! RE! cant wait for your arrival ! 

Here some juice to quench my thirst.. 

Presenting ... 

Resident Evil Degeneration 

Enjoy ~

Part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5

part 6

part 7

part 8
Watch HERE !

part 9

part 10

part 11


Hopefully the above may quench your thirst too ~ 

10 September 2010... Come faster !!!


Trailer ! 

Friday, August 20, 2010

Fighting Umbrella Corporation

My name is Claire Redfield, younger sister to Chris Redfield who is a former S.T.A.R.S. and current BSAA members.  

Since separated with Alice, me, as a leader of a convoy of survivors, "take care of the others", urged Alice.

Alaska, our next destinations, a safe haven? Still unknown. 

Umbrella Corporation, who created T-Virus had destroyed the entire Raccoon City

Now, a homeless me, waiting for the time for revenge ! 


How? Me? and few of survivors? Sound impossible !

We shall be grateful that we are still this least......

While I still cracking head of how to revenge, I read the book which shown the Alaska as the safe haven written : 
Hunt GF ! 

Yes ! Of Course, with help of GF, it will be thousand times easier to fight Umbrella ! 

What is GF ? They are Guardian Forces !! 

  1. Ifrit : Appears in a whirl of fire. He leaps into the air, pulling a large chunk of hot molten earth with him. With a mighty punch, Ifrit sends the large mass of scorching rock down to the surface, impacting against the enemy party. (GF's Attack : Hell Fire)
  2. Quezacotl : Dark thundering clouds blast powerful lightning at the ground, summoning Quezacotl. As the massive bird arises from the earth, he creates a large energy field around the enemy. Achannel of intense electrical energy is lasted upon the enemy. (GF's Attack : Thunder Storm
  3. Shiva : The frozen body of Shiva arises from the ground. Awaking from her sleep, the goddess of ice shatters her icy slumber. She lifts her arm into the air, gathering a chilling energy that is forcefully blasted upon all enemies. (GF's Attack : Diamond Dust)
  4. Diablos : A large black liquid orb decends from above and deposits Diablos into the open. He reaches into the sky and charges the massive orb with gravity energy and slams in onto the battlefield. It brutally crushes all enemies. (GF's Attack : Dark Messenger)
  5. Cerberus : The gates of hell open, releasing the three-headed monster Cerberus. All three heads point to the sky, sending powerful waves of energy to the party, casting Double and Triple on each character. (GF's Attack : Counter Rockets)
  6. Alexander : This large mechanic beast takes position behind a large mountain. Two massive launchers pen up, drawing power from the heavens. Alexander unleashes a horde of holy energy bombardment onto the enemy party.(GF's Attack : Holy Judgement
With the above Guardian Forces, all the undead will turn into real dead !!! 

Lastly, to deal with the big bad guy --  Albert Wesker

here i summon my ultimate GF -- EDEN !! 

Wuahahahahah ~ All Undeads now are REAL DEAD !!!! 

Me, Claire Redfield, SAVE THE WORLD ! YES ! YES ! YES !
~~~ We are the champion.. my friend ~~~ We are the champion ~~~ 

" Claire ~ Claire ~ ZOMBIES are approaching ! "

Huh ? It was a dream !! Damn ! 
(I'm a big fans of FF8 too! I really do wish could get a GF!)

here i grab my gun, and gotta fight for REAL ! 

Alice, Chris, hang on there, i'm coming for ya ! 

*bang! bang! bang!* 
" die you, Zombiesssss " 


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Why Vampires Sucks!



huh ?????

"bite me! bite me !"


what the...

OMG ~ What happen to human world !???

I just don't get it, they are simply SUCKS !

Can't this bunch of cold blooded pale face creatures just hide at home ?
Study? School ? Is there a need ?
Why the teacher never ask them to consult doctor since they look so SICK !

And the dad is a doctor ???
excuse me ?
Don't you get tempted by those "food"!?

oh ya, forgotten, they are so call "vegetarian" who consume ONLY animal blood !

here's a better job for them :-

The Chicken Killer !
They'll get sufficient food by this job.

and, ya ! the job must be indoor ! yes, without sunlight.
what ? to protect them ?
nonono ~ don't worry, they won't die if expose to sunlight,
they will just shine & glittering ~

Every human being is hoping a warm and strong arm to lie on when they're in love,
and what is this ?

This human fell in love with the vampire ! the COLD BLOODED vampire !
Accept it, you will never have a warm arm to lie on.
That's why your heart is shaking toward to others...
what !!??
your pet ??
a werewolf ???
at least he's warm..


Vampires Suck !

Lets head for the movie !

I wonder she will fall for this type of vampire..

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Gorgeous Fitness FREE Membership Contest

Nasi Lemak ! Asam Laksa ! Roti Canai ! Pizza ! Roasted Chicken Wings ! etc.. and the most irresistible --- CHEEEEESE CAKE ~~!!!!

WAAAAAAHHH ~ !!! what is the message you get through the above words!? DELICIOUS FOOD ! oh yes ! all my favorite !!! … BUT…

Good Bye ~ My Love ~ My Darling ~ T__T ~ *sob*sob* ..

No more .. no ~

From now on, I have to be separated with my “Love”, my “Darling”. “Breaking up” with them is a pain, its hurt deeply.

Being with “Mr. Hungry” is not fun at all. He just won’t allow me to meet my “Love” and my “Darling”. “It’s for your own good, you can loose weight by NOT eating!” he said.

Is that true ? Is that healthy ??

NO ~ !

Here's the truth ~

A better way to loose weight, be healthy, be fit !

**************WORK OUT ! EXERCISE ! *************

Wow ! that’s sound fun !

1,2,3,4….*hands up*…, 2,2,3,4…. *legs up*…. 3,2,3,4…. *whole body up*


How does EXERCISE make you healthy?

Exercise is the physical exertion of the body – making the body do a physical activity which results in a healthy or healthier level of physical fitness and both physical and mental health. In other words, exercise aims to maintain or enhance our physical fitness and general health.

The reasons for WORK OUT !

#Strengthening muscles.
# Optimizing the cardiovascular system
# Controlling bodyweight
# To increase stamina
# For fun
# To socialize

Can’t wait for the Grand Opening on September 5th, 2010 (Sunday) for

with 26,000 sq.ft Fully Equiped Gymnasium

at The place


With Gorgeous Fitness, I may enjoy the moment with my "Love" & "Darling" again and say goodbye to "Mr. Hungry".

Here come my healthy lifestyle~

I eat, I Burn.

Fully utilizes the food that absorbed, turn them into energy and work them out in order to stay healthy, stay fit.

Be Gorgeous, with Gorgeous Fitness !

What's fitness means for you? Spell it and stand a chance to WIN yourself

Visit SPOTTED F.Y.I for the contest details!

***********Special thanks to K & Gorgeous Fitness Facebook***************