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My Hero !

HERO! when you heard about the word, who will you think of at the 1st sight ? Superman? Batman? Spiderman ? Must be handsome and muscular ? wow ! not to me!
Let me introduce ~ tang tang tang tang ~*~ MIDORI NO MAKIBAOH !

(cute leh..hehe..)

Guess what is he ? Short leg, big nostril, likes to eat sushi!! Looks like a cow ? Nope ! A dog ? Nope ! A piglet ? Nonono!! Somesaid: a dog that looks like a cow ? NO~!!

Its a very old anime, but i got to know him just few years back, and fell in love with him !
Here some info about the anime:-
Alternative title:Green Makibaoh, The Incredible Race Horse みどりのマキバオー (Japanese) 熱鬥小馬 (Chinese (Taiwan)) Genres:comedy Themes:horse racing
Objectionable content:Mild (mild bad language and/or bloodless violence) Plot Summary:Midori Makibaoh is a small white racehorse. Compared to other thoroughbred horses, he looks more like a donkey with wide nostrils. However, with his guts and speed as his weapon, Makibaoh wins in every big race. In the beg…