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Life is Good !

Life is Good ~ 
with San Francisco Coffee ! 
Here's my drink for my lunch today ! 
~ Yummy ~ 

What made my day ? 
A simple Extreme Buzz cost RM16.30 with Buy One Free One ! 
Enjoy the great moment with my lovely colleague ! 
Yeah ~ This is life ~ so GOOD ! 
Wish Everyone Has A Nice Day Too ! 

Touched !

Had 2 movies in a row for this week. 
Step Up 3D and Love In Disguise. Thanks TianChad and Wern. ^_^
Both were touching movies. 
Touched by their movements in Step Up 3, touched by simple love story in Love In Disguise. 
I would like to share more about Love In Disguise. 
When I walked into the cinema, I didn't even know what movie was I going to watch since its free movie, anything will do. So happened the movie was broadcast in an old cinema.. eerrr.. i means really old style cineme.. without staircase, if you have bad luck, you can see head more than the movie screen. Luckily that night was not too bad. *Lucky me! ^^*
While I still mumbling why they never revamp the cinema, the show started.. and I saw LeeHom's face ! "ooh.. this is the movie" .. just realized.. LOL ! 
Didn't expect much from the movie, since its just looks like another idolize movie. 
Surprisingly ! Not bad ! 
Simple plot but touching! Comedy & Romance! 
Haven't had such a good laugh…

Can't Wait for Resident Evil : Afterlife !!

RE! RE! cant wait for your arrival ! 
Here some juice to quench my thirst.. 
Presenting ... 
Resident Evil Degeneration
Enjoy ~

Part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5
part 6
part 7
part 8 Watch HERE !

part 9
part 10
part 11
Hopefully the above may quench your thirst too ~ 
10 September 2010... Come faster !!!

Trailer ! 

Fighting Umbrella Corporation

My name is Claire Redfield, younger sister to Chris Redfield who is a former S.T.A.R.S. and current BSAA members.  

Since separated with Alice, me, as a leader of a convoy of survivors, "take care of the others", urged Alice.
Alaska, our next destinations, a safe haven? Still unknown. 
Umbrella Corporation, who created T-Virus had destroyed the entire Raccoon City
Now, a homeless me, waiting for the time for revenge ! 
How? Me? and few of survivors? Sound impossible !
We shall be grateful that we are still this least......
While I still cracking head of how to revenge, I read the book which shown the Alaska as the safe haven written :  Hunt GF ! 

Yes ! Of Course, with help of GF, it will be thousand times easier to fight Umbrella ! 
What is GF ? They are Guardian Forces !!

Why Vampires Sucks!

huh ?????
"bite me! bite me !"
what the...
OMG ~ What happen to human world !???
I just don't get it, they are simply SUCKS !
Can't this bunch of cold blooded pale face creatures just hide at home ? Study? School ? Is there a need ? Why the teacher never ask them to consult doctor since they look so SICK !
And the dad is a doctor ??? excuse me ? Don't you get tempted by those "food"!?
oh ya, forgotten, they are so call "vegetarian" who consume ONLY animal blood !
here's a better job for them :-
The Chicken Killer ! They'll get sufficient food by this job.
and, ya ! the job must be indoor ! yes, without sunlight. what ? to protect them ? nonono ~ don't worry, they won't die if expose to sunlight, they will just shine & glittering ~ (=____=|||)
Every human being is hoping a warm and strong ar…

Gorgeous Fitness FREE Membership Contest

Nasi Lemak ! Asam Laksa ! Roti Canai ! Pizza ! Roasted Chicken Wings ! etc.. and the most irresistible --- CHEEEEESE CAKE ~~!!!! WAAAAAAHHH ~ !!! what is the message you get through the above words!? DELICIOUS FOOD ! oh yes ! all my favorite !!! … BUT…Good Bye ~ My Love ~ My Darling ~ T__T ~ *sob*sob* ..No more .. no ~ From now on, I have to be separated with my “Love”, my “Darling”. “Breaking up” with them is a pain, its hurt deeply.Being with “Mr. Hungry” is not fun at all. He just won’t allow me to meet my “Love” and my “Darling”. “It’s for your own good, you can loose weight by NOT eating!” he said. Is that true ? Is that healthy ?? NO ~ ! Here's the truth ~ A better way to loose weight, be healthy, be fit ! **************WORK OUT ! EXERCISE ! *************Wow ! that’s sound fun ! 1,2,3,4….*hands up*…, 2,2,3,4…. *legs up*…. 3,2,3,4…. *whole body up*^_____^How does EXERCISE make you healthy? Exercise is the physical exertion of the body – making the body do a physical activity w…