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Fighting Umbrella Corporation

My name is Claire Redfield, younger sister to Chris Redfield who is a former S.T.A.R.S. and current BSAA members.  

Since separated with Alice, me, as a leader of a convoy of survivors, "take care of the others", urged Alice.

Alaska, our next destinations, a safe haven? Still unknown. 

Umbrella Corporation, who created T-Virus had destroyed the entire Raccoon City

Now, a homeless me, waiting for the time for revenge ! 


How? Me? and few of survivors? Sound impossible !

We shall be grateful that we are still this least......

While I still cracking head of how to revenge, I read the book which shown the Alaska as the safe haven written : 
Hunt GF ! 

Yes ! Of Course, with help of GF, it will be thousand times easier to fight Umbrella ! 

What is GF ? They are Guardian Forces !! 

  1. Ifrit : Appears in a whirl of fire. He leaps into the air, pulling a large chunk of hot molten earth with him. With a mighty punch, Ifrit sends the large mass of scorching rock down to the surface, impacting against the enemy party. (GF's Attack : Hell Fire)
  2. Quezacotl : Dark thundering clouds blast powerful lightning at the ground, summoning Quezacotl. As the massive bird arises from the earth, he creates a large energy field around the enemy. Achannel of intense electrical energy is lasted upon the enemy. (GF's Attack : Thunder Storm
  3. Shiva : The frozen body of Shiva arises from the ground. Awaking from her sleep, the goddess of ice shatters her icy slumber. She lifts her arm into the air, gathering a chilling energy that is forcefully blasted upon all enemies. (GF's Attack : Diamond Dust)
  4. Diablos : A large black liquid orb decends from above and deposits Diablos into the open. He reaches into the sky and charges the massive orb with gravity energy and slams in onto the battlefield. It brutally crushes all enemies. (GF's Attack : Dark Messenger)
  5. Cerberus : The gates of hell open, releasing the three-headed monster Cerberus. All three heads point to the sky, sending powerful waves of energy to the party, casting Double and Triple on each character. (GF's Attack : Counter Rockets)
  6. Alexander : This large mechanic beast takes position behind a large mountain. Two massive launchers pen up, drawing power from the heavens. Alexander unleashes a horde of holy energy bombardment onto the enemy party.(GF's Attack : Holy Judgement
With the above Guardian Forces, all the undead will turn into real dead !!! 

Lastly, to deal with the big bad guy --  Albert Wesker

here i summon my ultimate GF -- EDEN !! 

Wuahahahahah ~ All Undeads now are REAL DEAD !!!! 

Me, Claire Redfield, SAVE THE WORLD ! YES ! YES ! YES !
~~~ We are the champion.. my friend ~~~ We are the champion ~~~ 

" Claire ~ Claire ~ ZOMBIES are approaching ! "

Huh ? It was a dream !! Damn ! 
(I'm a big fans of FF8 too! I really do wish could get a GF!)

here i grab my gun, and gotta fight for REAL ! 

Alice, Chris, hang on there, i'm coming for ya ! 

*bang! bang! bang!* 
" die you, Zombiesssss " 



  1. LOL omg u really got play that game hahahahaha nice job~

  2. @Wern yalor ! like it very much ! and FF too ~ xD

  3. great post and all the best for the comp!

    do check out my entry as well ya?


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