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Why Vampires Sucks!



huh ?????

"bite me! bite me !"


what the...

OMG ~ What happen to human world !???

I just don't get it, they are simply SUCKS !

Can't this bunch of cold blooded pale face creatures just hide at home ?
Study? School ? Is there a need ?
Why the teacher never ask them to consult doctor since they look so SICK !

And the dad is a doctor ???
excuse me ?
Don't you get tempted by those "food"!?

oh ya, forgotten, they are so call "vegetarian" who consume ONLY animal blood !

here's a better job for them :-

The Chicken Killer !
They'll get sufficient food by this job.

and, ya ! the job must be indoor ! yes, without sunlight.
what ? to protect them ?
nonono ~ don't worry, they won't die if expose to sunlight,
they will just shine & glittering ~

Every human being is hoping a warm and strong arm to lie on when they're in love,
and what is this ?

This human fell in love with the vampire ! the COLD BLOODED vampire !
Accept it, you will never have a warm arm to lie on.
That's why your heart is shaking toward to others...
what !!??
your pet ??
a werewolf ???
at least he's warm..


Vampires Suck !

Lets head for the movie !

I wonder she will fall for this type of vampire..


  1. lucky kkioi not treating us to this movie

  2. @Ongzi, LOL! thx for commenting ! ^^

  3. i hate people who didnt resize photo and blog. LOL IM JOKING. y didnt u ask me how to do it. HAHAHA...poor u..ur frame too small.

  4. Rachel, if u wan i can help u design template like mine.. i dun mind de. let me know k?
    layout is same like mind la (i only know 1 pattern) but maintenance is easy ^^


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