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Friday, December 17, 2010

Singapore Adventure 1

2 weeks before 6 Dec 2010. As usual, we were busy with our daily job scope, suddenly, heard a voice! Singapore is calling! (haha.. actually is my colleague!)

A meeting was called and decided to visit Singapore for 3 days 2 nights. 

Yay! Holiday! Here we come ! 

7 of us, ride on and TIGER ! and.. here we go ~ woohoo ~ 

Our BIG Tiger ! woohoo ~ 

We headed to Bugis street right after we checked-in to hostel. Yea.. HOSTEL, 7 of us were sleeping together !! haha.. 

"I Love Bugis Street".. errr.. not really..

Although I don't really love bugis street, but we had so much fun here ! and this was the place where "chew chew chew" was found ! 

"Chew Chew Chew" ... hahaha... 

For a budget trip, Bugis is a good place to visit, lots of local food and its cheap ! 

Freshly made bread !

Merlion Park ! A must visit spot ! 

The Merlion is spitting *LOL*

Enjoy the night breeze at Marina Bay. 

and then... we played with the pokok kelapa.. 

What we saw ? keep scrolling..

.. g~h~o~s~t~ .. 

Here's the Day 1 gone ~~ 

the most exciting part on Day 2 ~~~ 

stay tune ! 


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