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Saturday, December 10, 2011

What Happened At Bagan Lalang 2 !!

after the BIG SUCCESSS..

its time re-charge energy !!

So Small !?? NOT ENOUGH !!! 

How about this ? 
Sweet and Sour Crab Crab ! 

Ikan Pari Bakar !

Sotong Goreng
Lalalalllaa Halia ~ 

Yammmmm ~~~~~ coconut ! 

Burrrrpppp ~ bao bao ! ^_^

Its time for the blessing ceremony ! XD 

The preparation ~

The Cake !

The firework !

hehehhe ~ "V" hor ~ 

hahahhahaha ~
cheng cheng cheng ~~ 



YAY ~ !!!

The Present ! 

~ the end ~ xoxo 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

What Happened At Bagan Lalang !

Once upon a time ... a well known SHARK (sand shark!haha..), who always aim on those little pretty babes.. and this time.... 
Shark : Look at the sky ~ look at the ground.. *ngek ngek ngek*
Be cautious Shark, this little one is blessed ! 

Here comes the Goddess of Friendship!

"I'm coming for ya ~"

"Suk Hoi Lei Geh Ham Zhu Sau!!!"

"ngor deng!"

The war has begun ~


Boooooooooooooommmmm !!!!!!

*Piak ~!*


BIG SUCCESS !! Shark has defeated !!!!!  

Yahoooooo ~~!!!!

The evil has gone .. journey of Goddess of Friendship is still on going ~ 

To be continue ~   :-P ~

Friday, April 22, 2011

Lucky 7 - You choose your life !

Had a nice movie last night. Thanks to 8tv. 

Lucky 7

A TV-movie film in 2003 starred by Patrick Dempsey (he's hot!) and Kimberly Williams. 

Simple story but plots are rich. 

Amy's mom dead at her 7, a life guidelines was given to her. She should have the first boyfriend at her 16, then 2nd, 3rd.. etc.. and should be married to guy number 7. 

She broke up with #5 then met #6, Daniel, he looks so perfect for her and she thoughts that's the guy that she gonna married with. The problem is, he is #6, she suppose to marry #7. How?

Peter, a guy worked in a bagel shop who sees Amy every morning, and given her free bagel everytime see her, (yeah, he likes her) He asked her to pretend as his girlfriend to attend a friend's wedding ceremony who the bride was his ex. 

Amy took that opportunity to turn Peter into #6, so that Daniel could be #7. (well, she's not bad, she just follow her mom's guidelines)

But things didn't goes as she wanted. She fell for him, for real. With Peter, she can be herself, she told him everything that she didn't tell anyone else, even the life guidelines. Peter was sad when he found out that he was made to be #6. He's mad. A question to Amy : "what you gonna do after married with #7, your guidelines had stopped there." She was... blank .. totally. 

Daniel, the perfect guy, the #7. Of course, he loved her too. But, is he the one ? 
Or, the #6 that she loved ? 

Its her life, follow her heart, she chose her path. 

~ * ~ * ~ *~ * ~ * ~

So do YOU, YOU have the right! Go for it ! Your heart will lead YOU! 

Here's the movie for sharing, credited to DayDreaming966.