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Thursday, December 8, 2011

What Happened At Bagan Lalang !

Once upon a time ... a well known SHARK (sand shark!haha..), who always aim on those little pretty babes.. and this time.... 
Shark : Look at the sky ~ look at the ground.. *ngek ngek ngek*
Be cautious Shark, this little one is blessed ! 

Here comes the Goddess of Friendship!

"I'm coming for ya ~"

"Suk Hoi Lei Geh Ham Zhu Sau!!!"

"ngor deng!"

The war has begun ~


Boooooooooooooommmmm !!!!!!

*Piak ~!*


BIG SUCCESS !! Shark has defeated !!!!!  

Yahoooooo ~~!!!!

The evil has gone .. journey of Goddess of Friendship is still on going ~ 

To be continue ~   :-P ~

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