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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Enjoyment with CRES WELLNESS


After a long week hard work, its time to pamper ourselves! A beer during happy hour? Chill out with friends at a cafe? Or a romantic candle light dinner with your loved ones? For me, I have a date with CRES WELLNESS! 

I was honoured to be invited for a TIME-RELEASE AQUACELL YOGA VISAGE therapy by Cress Wellness.

It's my first time visit Cres Wellness, me and Nicole has chosen the outlet located at Taipan, USJ. When we step in to the outlet, a refreshing fragrance smell of aromatherapi oil made me feel relax after a tired working day. 

We were served with tea while waiting for our consultant to advise on our treatment and analysis of our skin.

Then, we were directed to different room to begin our TIME-RELEASE AQUACELL YOGA VISAGE therapy. I've been practicing body yoga, but not on face, how would it feel? Hmm.. I wonder.

Each room's door are with a signage of "Occupied / Vacant", this is thoughtful of them to ensure that your treatment will be well treated without any interruption.

And here I go ~

time to relax mind and soul..

Cleanse -> crub -> steam -> extraction -> Oxygen Treatment by machine -> mask -> massage -> mask

Its an extraordinary experience throughout the whole treatment, a fragrance of fresh pineapple was surround my face when crubbing, the extraction is totally painless.  

After the Oxygen Treatment for my right side face, the beautician showed me the difference by comparing with my left side face which has not been done. I can totally feel and see the difference, its firm and smooth! 

The most enjoyable moment was the massage, where I can feel how the yoga on face. The beautician focus on lymph nodes and press with gentle flow. This is extremely relaxing. Love it !

Lastly, the beautician put on a mask for me, and its time to


After 2 hours of TIME-RELEASE AQUACELL YOGA VISAGE treatment, my skin feels moisturized and soothing.


For Nicole's experience on this treatment, please visit MSXEROZ.COM !

You shall pamper yourself too, balance up your life ! 

Check out CRES WELLNESS program at and

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