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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Chillax @ The Neem Boutique Resort, Melaka

THE NEEM, a place that welcome you with wavy trees, chirping birds and warm greeting people! The feeling is just like.....

~ HOME ~

Was here last weekend with a bunch of crazy friends, it is located a Banda Hilir, Melaka, just about 10 minutes walking distance to Dataran Pahlawan. 

Address : 117A, Jalan Parameswara, Bandar Hilir, Melaka.
As there is no "TURN IN HERE" signage at the junction, we had missed the junction and had to make a big round to come back here coz its a one way street. For the 2nd time, contacted the friend who been here before, after passing Hotel Equatorial, must slow down and look for the building of "Huang Association", right after the building, there is this small road turning in to the left (the road is VERY small, its just a lorong actually, ngam ngam for 1 car to pass only). 

Finally, we had reached the destination. Was welcomed by a great smile by Ms. Rebecca aka Becky, there were a couple sitting at the living hall, Becky introduced them to us too! She then guide us to to our chalet -- Ixora. 

An unique door bell grab my attention. 

Very comfy bed (miss it so much! oh ya! they even provide bolster! ^^ )

Simple and nice.

Hot shower with Rain Shower Head! 

Clean and bright.

Natural sunlight.
A Relaxing Pool

The Kids Zone

Chalet Cocos

A wind charm, nice to see when it turns.

Chalet Ketapang

Chalet Kemboja

Total are 4 chalets in THE NEEM, Ixora, Kemboja, Cocos & Ketapang. 

5.30pm, its tea time!!! hmm..where were my bunch of crazy friends !! Already waited till fell asleep ! haha.. its just too relaxing.. 

And here they came ~ 

yum yum yum ~

Missing someone? 

yum yum ~ kueh nyonya~ 

Sweet AiAi.

Chilling out at poolside..

Tonight, the pool has come ALIVE with our LAUGHTER ! AHAHHAHAHAHHAHA~ !!!!!

Thanks JK become our beer kaki!! haha ~ 

The night had passed by our laughter... 

(yawnzz... wake up from the comfy bed... )

its... BREAKFAST TIME !! makan makan ~~

Specially cook by the owner ! 

Thanks JK for preparing a great breakfast for us ! Love the toast the most ! ^^

We had a GREEAAAATTT time staying here, it was a really cool that when you stay in a hotel/resort that the people are actually remember their guest's name. And, every guests are being introduced to each others as well, its really given a HOME FEEL when staying here. I wanna be a spoilt child here !!! haha ~

Once again, thanks JK as a great companion!! Such a cute guy~ how can I keep him secretly ! haha ~ please contact him at +6 012 213 2836 for any reservation or enquiries ! No worries, he's very kind and helpful! Just don't bully him! HAHA ! 


  1. wow what a beautiful place! Gotta go one day!

  2. Hi, may i know the package for 20pax on 31/5? Thanks

  3. Wow such a nice place, may i know what is the best offer for 20pax on 31/5?

  4. Thanks Icgene. I don't own The Neem. Lol! Anyway, u may contact JK at +6 012 213 2836 as mentioned in the blog.