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Friday, August 17, 2012

In Love with Hokkaido の First Touch

22/07/2012, 11.15pm, after saying bye bye to lovely mum and brother, boarded on flight KE672 by Korean Airlines at KLIA (thanks Ivan for the ride to KLIA).

Journey of 7hrs20mins, arrived Incheon Airport on 23/07/2012 at 6.35am + 1 hr (Korea & Japan are 1 hour ahead than Malaysia). It's kind of like missing 1 hour when I reached here, so it was already 7.35am instead. 

At Incheon Airport, Korea
Next flight from Incheon to Chitose, Hokkaido will be at 10.15am, about 3 hours free time to be spent here.

Just like any other international airport, its filled with branded shops for facial product, bag, etc. Since its in Korea, expected some places/shop will emphasize on Korea tradition, but not really.

After wandering around, we head to a food court, everybody was busy lining up for food or enjoying their meal. Wanted to try some kimchi soup but the announcement of "please be at the gate 45mins before" was stressful, it just keep repeating (kkrrgg), end up decided to grab a Box Meal from KFC and wait in front of the gate.

Chose Box Meal No. 6 - Twister Box Meal cost 7,500won = RM20 (approx)

These are selling at Korea KFC too,

Fried Rice ? Chicken Pie?
Was expecting kimchi flavored fried chicken, but none. LoL! The Twister Box Meal was dissappointing, we asked for spicy chicken, its not spicy, the fried chicken, was not crispy (even my mom fried better chicken), the twister, hmm.. (still feel Malaysia one better), the drinks and fries, no comment, its just drinks and fries.

10.15am, boarded flight KE765, can't wait to be there !

12.55pm, arrived the dreamland -- HOKKAIDO !!!

Chitose Airport
Tour leader led us to meet the local tour guide, Teh Sang, a Malaysian who had sited in Japan for a long period of time, but he still chose Malaysia as his home.

From plane to bus, 34 of us, started our dreamful journey with our tour leader, tour guide and a driver.

Thru the bus window, all the things outside looks like in comic books as everywhere are filled with Japanese wordings, probably read too much comic when was a kid, LoL!

Some photos taken thru the window,

Hokkaido Police Car (yea.. so old fashion, lol)

Japan KFC (didn't get chance to try this)

I only can read the 2 chinese words, probably it means place for singing, a karaeoke maybe ? 

Noodle House? or Factory? 

This ! I can recognise the logo ~ Idemitsu! Its a petrol kiosk. 

First stop of our journey -- High Tea at Crown Plaza Hotel !

oh ya ~ the weather was cold in Summer ! 

They served a buffet style high tea, my first choice of the dishes -- the Legendary Hokkaido Ice Cream !!

the BIG snoopy sitting at the lobby. *its heavy!*

Hokkaido Taxi (antique?)

After satisfied our tummy, we proceed to The Chitose Salmon Aquarium.

the fish with legs !
(Species : Dicamptodon ensatus / California Giant Salamander / 娃娃鱼)

Outside of the Aquarium

Salmons spawning ground
Since its not the spawning season, we were not able to see salmons swimming back here for spawning.

Japanese eduction trip for these cuties.
Japanese kids are so cute and discipline, a group of them, stay together, walk together, follow  teacher's instruction, they don't make noise like we do as well. I doubt that could see this scenario in Malaysia. T_T.. 

Next, we headed to Jigokudoni aka Hell Valley located above the Noboribetsu Onsen - the hotspring town. 

The Hell Demon
A steamy view before headed up to the view point, its a total bald mountain at this side, while the other side are with beautiful greens. 

90m to Hell Valley
When reach to the viewing point, very strong yucky smell surround the air, walked nearer and saw this valley as if like being burnt, totally bald, not a single grass grow there, some spots with boiling water, now I understand why this place being named ask "Hell Valley". 

Yellowy gray volcanic gas seeps from the surface of the rocks, this makes the whole place smell strongly of sulfur, and gives it an image like that of hell. The valley is a 450-meter-diameter mouth of a volcano, which produces 3,000 liters of hot water per minute. (Quoted by Japan National Tourism)

There's a souvenir shop there too, 

Spent about 30 minutes here, it was rush, didn't have enough time to see for real of what were selling in the souvenir shop. T_T 

Last stop in today's itinerary, Noboribetsu Mahoroba Hotel, one of the largest hot spring resort in Japan. 

Buffet dinner was served at the hotel restaurant, main course of the night .. 

*roll drum*


One of the famous and must have food in Hokkaido ! The sweetness of the crabs are out of your imagination, it just simply boil till cook, and you taste the original sweetness of the crabs, hmmm..... its just .. so... yummy ~~~!!!! *drooling*

Taraba-gani aka King Crab

Zuwai-gani aka Snow Crab

Ke-gani aka Horsehair Crab

Besides the unstoppable crabs, a thumb size fresh scallops are available too ! 

Freshly Grilled !

Not overcooked, added some soy sauce and gulp ~ ahh~ i'm in heaven ~ !

Too bad I only had one of the scallop, over loaded with crabs before I found this lovely scallop (>.<). 

It's so much to eat, of coz the dessert were irresistible ! 

The dreamlike Dorayaki

Buuuurrppp ~ aahh ~ satisfaction! ^_^

This is one of the largest hot spring hotel, ONSEN (means hot spring in japanese) is a MUST DO activity ! However, I was in dilemma for few weeks before I step my foot to Hokkaido, dilemma coz... I must try the onsen, but..but... but.... have to be.. ... naked!!!!! (>.<)''' 

We then decided to "take a look" first, when reached to the doorstep, I don't even have the encouragement to go in ! =__=|||   

Its ok.. we took a walk first.. (coward, scared to go in, LOL!)

then say hi to Pikachu! Say cheeseee~ XD

There's a shop at ground floor selling local foods, fruits and souvenirs too. 

Cute version of Hell Demons

Hokkaido Melon! Cheapest selling price here is 4,800yen equivalent to RM189.00! O__O|||  

Luckily tomorrow I can have unlimited melon! haha.. its included in the tour fees ! ^^v

How about the onsen!?? haha.. i DID go for it! will share my experience later ! :-P ~ 

Time to end my 1st day in Hokkaido, tonight, we sleep in a tatami/Japanese style room! Its just like the doraemon's room! hehe.. 

Good nite~ *can't wait for tomorrow unlimited melon!* 

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