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Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy September 2012!

Greetings from BabySeng!!! HAPPY SEPTEMBER 2012!!

BabySeng is my newborn nephew, he's now 5 months old, there's so much things that he wants to see, to feel, curious in everything, a sound, a movement, anything will catch his attention. 

When he just born, he cried out loud as if like telling "Why am I here ~ !?", insecure feeling has   
made him cried for attention, for love.

"I wan mama ~ "

Time flies~ with 5 months life experience, babySeng has now learn to smile, to laugh, guess he has acknowledged the warmth of family.

"Daddy's face so funny ! haha ~ "

There are so much things in this world waiting for you! Grow up healthily, be strong! Tell us about your "Life Story" when you grow up! 

Love you ! BabySeng! mmmmMuacK~! 

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