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In Love with Hokkaido の The Fantasy Town - OTARU (小樽)

After impressed by the breathtaking view of flowers sea, in my heart was thinking, I had done the most important visit in Hokkaido, therefore, I did not expect any other thing to impress me further. But, I was wrong, the places that we are going today has given me surprises, one by one.

Yesterday was too tired of running after the sea of flowers, I was consider fainted in the hotel room at night. Haha.. Luckily, this morning when I wake up, I felt refreshed!

As we are in the city today, I decided to dress up colorfully, you will see in the photos later, haha, guess I will not wear the same combination back at my home country. :-P

Breakfast! This hotel does not has a large hall for dining, guests have to line up to wait for empty table. This was my first experience that have to line up for hotel breakfast! Yet, the food that served were just so so.

This morning, we are early to get on the bus as we do not want to rush like yesterday and make everybody waited for us.

The bus start moving and first thing that the tour guide asked was - had we carried the passport along? As for me,   I do. Always. I will not leave such an important document in the hotel room, eventhough japanese won't be that bad, yet, be safe rather be regret. "Its good that you leave the passport in the room, but you need it today for shopping for duty free goods." Said the tour guide. I was like, what the.. whatever. Then the bus stopped at the front street, and some of the tour member went back to take their passport. So, we waited.

Finally, we departed. I've no idea where we heading to, I'm still drunk of yesterday seaflowers. LoL. Until the tour guide told us we're going to the land of romance - OTARU (小樽)! I was so excited!

And, here we are ! 

Otaru, a small harbor city. A love and sad story happened here. A lovely couple separated at this river, the guy had promised the girl that he will be back someday, the girl has waited, waited, and waited, but the guy never turned up, the girls life has ended by waiting his appearance. (This story was told by the tour guide)

Disappointingly, again, we only have 15mins to wander at this romantic canal. But this round, we don't really rush as yesterday because we were informed that the next destination is just nearby.

My romance moment at this romantic canal. :-P 
You may enjoy the beautiful canal by sitting a pedicab too. I do not have the time to enjoy this, at least, I catch up with this handsome!

Next destination -- Sakaimachi Street (境町通).

This street is just located right behind the Otaru canal. This place once was the busy street for trading and shipping companies in the late 1800s. The buildings now has been converted into restaurants, souvenir shops, etc.

Fresh seafood for sale.
I wanna eat this !
Uni aka Sea Urchin
Colorful me with colorful background! =P
Free tasting chocolate distribute by this cutie at the street, we ran to her to get this! yum ~
Free tasting chocolate. 

This japanese cutie has impressed me with her cheerful action. Actually she was across the street and  she saw us passed by at opposite, she then quickly ran out shouted cutely at us to promote her shop. See how she dress up to attract attention. Despite, we can't even understand what's she's talking about. haha ~ This is something that we do not usually see in Malaysia.

Guess she's selling Hello Kitty stuff. Cute ! 
I wanted to go in the Hello Kitty shop but not given a chance as the tour guide insist to bring us to the MUST VISIT shop. Here it is ~

Must visit at Otaru - Music Box Museum !

In front of the building, there's an antique steam clock which is still working very well till today. Its a present by the city of Vancouver. Every one hour the clock will release steam by the number of time. For example, 10am, it will release steam with a sound "puuufff" 10 times.

Inside here is a 3 storeys buidling filled with all sort of music box. Come in different design and size. I was told that you may customize your own music box here. Unfortunately, I don't think my time will allow me to do so. Even just wander around this shop itself, took us about 1 hour.

So many, too many, hard to choose. Bought one of this, iconic steam clock tower. ^_^ it comes with different music.

Got one of this too, a swinging photo frame with music box.

Tons of music box to see, it came in wall type as well.

Each of them are finely made.

The whole shops are filled with crystal music. Its created a romantic environment too.

Next to the music muzuem, is The Neighbor Totoro! haha!

Hello Totoro ~

Totoro in different sizes! =D

Found my favorite anime character here too -- Spririted Away (千と千尋の神隠し)
The Silent Masked Creature - No-Face (Yes, its name is  No-Face. LoL)

Behind : Chihiro aka Sen, Yubaba and Haku
Front : Duckies in the bathtub
Opposite the neighbor Totora is a shop that selling fantastic cheese cake -- LeTao !
The famous Fromage Double cheese cake! Yummy ~ 
There's a cafe located at 2nd floor, various of cakes are selling here.

Since can't bring back one whole Fromage Double cheese cake, enjoy 1 piece with a tea here. What a blissfull taste!

Rich cheese cake ! Aww ~ i miss this so much ! 
 A floor above the cafe, 3rd floor, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Sakaimachi Street.
Spotted the Otaru Music Box Muzeum? The building at the left.  
Sakaimachi Street.
We spent about 3 hours here, again, its not enough. The next time I come, I have to stay here for a night, so that I could blend myself in at this street.

Times up! Gotta walk back to the bus. Owh~ the weather was hot ! Lets have ice-cream ~~ yay !

Which one would you like ? 
 2 flavours ? 3 flavours??  I WANT........... 5 !!!! muaahahahahhaha ~
From top : Vanilla, berry, melon, milk, lavender ! 
We brought this ice cream tower into the bus, almost got scolded by the tour guide. But they cant stop us to bring this up to the bus as they need to bring us for lunch at this time ! =P

Awww ~ where can find this ice cream tower in Malaysia ???

Today's lunch ! One fish for One person!

We were brought to this seafood markets, a set lunch has prepared for us at upper floor. Yet, you may choose some fresh seafood to be added to your lunch.

See how big crab is !
Hello, Mr.Crab~
What's this ?! 
Its Abalone. Fresh one!
Uni aka Sea Urchin
 Haha ~ I can eat this now !
Two for 2,100 yen, about RM82
How to eat this ? Sashimi !

Sashimi Uni!
 Orange color flesh, taste a bit of sea salt, soft, fresh and ... erm .. dunno how describe ! its just ..

YUMMY ~!!!

Look back at today's lunch, 1 person 1 fish ! =__=''' marinated fish! its SALTY! more like "ham yu" aka salted fish! >.<

Next destination : Shiroi Koibito Park

A chocolate factory has renovated as a theme park for public.

This clock tower is actually a huge music box. There are times for its to play the music. We reached there at 1.45pm, 2pm the tower will start playing the music.

When it start playing the music, there are lots of bubbles flying around, not sure where it came out from. At the center of the Tower, something like a theater started while the windows open automatically. The performer are just some fixed statue dress as chef. Its just like a music box, when it start playing, the "performers" will start moving in there, the background was in a chocolate factory, and the "Chef" are working on it.

Everyone has stopped their foot, to enjoy this memorable moment. The music and bubbles created a romantic atmosphere.

Some humor factor
Lots of people queue up to purchase chocolates in the shop. While we were enjoying our giant lollipop ! XD

The fantasy sweet land.
Bye~ Shiroi Koibito Park. My next visit will sure come for you again!

Next ~ Okurayama jumping hill!

This ski jump hill was used in 1972 Olympics Winter Games.

The weather was hot, we can't even see the top from here.

Here's our transport to up hill.

The Judges Room
 It is really high.

This is almost 90 degree!
There's a air-conditioning area at up hill for you to enjoy the panoramic view of Sapporo! 

You may also go up to the rooftop to enjoy the pillar-less view. But the weather was really hot, so we quickly snap a photo and ran away. LoL !

Before leaving, lets play ! Oh yeah ~ I can Ski too !!! haha ~

Next ~ Like a student trip! Follow teacher to the museum, learn about history.

Yay! Teacher say I'm good in history.

 Tonight dinner is not provided. Tour guide brought us to the largest shopping complex in Sapporo!

There are few buildings just next to each other. We separated with the group here as some of them would like to head for the electrical item department, some going for the branded stuff. And here is the place that they needed their passport to purchase duty free items.

Well, for us, just wander around this fresh foods market is good enough for us! So much to see and touch ! haha~

Here is where we hunt for our food for dinner too ! All are freshly cooked!

So cute their bread !
Bear palm
Looks like the best seller is the Rabbit ! 
Duck, rabbit, goat 

Desserts !

Fresh fruits! Ermm.. triangle melon?? lolz..

Let's enjoy a cup of coffee here ~

No outside food allow here ya ~ (although this stall is just sit among others stall. this is not a gated shop!)

More desserts ~ aahhh ~ all looks so good ! just 2 of us, how could we try out all these !!! I wish I have spare tummy to keep all these ! LoL !

Can't have all those, at least can try one of it ! These are caramel milk pudding! yummy ~ yummy ~

LeTao's cake are selling here too ! See the Fromage Double ? *close eyes and imagine that I'm eating it* hmmm~

 Various japan wine and sake.

Sparkling Sake. Nice! 

Brought this home ! XD
 Hokkaido cheese ! Free tasting for different type of cheese. All yummy !

Before leaving, look at this two cuties with cheerful smile ! In fact, we do not ask them for a photos, they were so co-operative to come in to the picture !

The waiting area! This is a very good idea as an assemble point for shoppers.

 The Hokkaido mascot ! Cute ! I wish to buy the soft toy of this, but I don't see it selling anywhere. >.<

Today's tour has ended. We were sent back to the hotel. Rest for awhile, then we head out to explore the neighborhood.

Just within 5 minutes walking distance, and we had reach Tanukikoji Shopping Street (狸小路). Didn't thought it's just so near to our hotel. 

10p.m. Most of the shop already closed. Only some of the Japanese style pub are still open for business.

Surprisingly, we've found a Kopitiam here ! But its Singapore style!

Even Bak Kut Teh is for sale here ! But they rename it as Bah Kut Tea ! haha ~ interesting ! I shall open a 1-Malaysia shop here then ! =P

Local's night life.
 Lets Enjoy Life ! 

One of the must eat food in Hokkaido is RAMEN! Till now, I've not tasted any authentic ramen yet.

Looks like the luck is with us tonight, we bump into the tour guide, and she recommended us to have ramen at this shop!

Once we step in to the shop, it was fully occupied. We were asked to have a seat at the waiting area.

We then was brought to the available seats, drinks was served readily before we sit in. *thumbs up for their services*

We can't really read the menu. By looking at the pictures and certain words that we could read, we order the original flavour of ramen and grilled dumpling !

Yummy ~ yummy ~ 
This grilled dumpling was very delicious, crispy skin with soft filling. Great combination ! We had 2 plates of this ! haha ~
I miss this too ! 
 The environment is great too !

Ahhh ~ so full ! Satisfaction, one of the must do in Hokkaido, checked ! ^^v

Then we continue took a walk at the street. Something that you only can see when the shops are closed.

Entertainment shop is still open. What do you think about this shop? A video game shop ? mm.. nono ~

Its full of soft toy claw machine.

And, photo booth also available here. They even provide a corner with dressing table.

Another surprise. Street Art. Won't be seeing this if the shops are still open.

Impressive passion of the street artist! Good luck to them!

Night view of Sapporo!

The Sapporo Tourism really has a great idea of promoting the town. Even the sewage is crafted artistically.

Day 5 has ended, 1 more day to go to be with Hokkaido. I'm gonna miss it so much !

I don't wanna go back ~ *sob*
Life has uncounted times of together and leaving. I appreciate every moment that I was here. Tomorrow, I will still do the same although it was the last day being with you, my Love - Hokkaido. 


  1. Luckily your boyfriend name is not Hokkaido haha! Wah the provided lunch so salty and looks kesian lah. Can complain or not? =)

  2. a real "ham yu" lolz.. actually not so kesian la, got soup at the right and some sashimi at the left, didn't open the cover for this photo. :P ~


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