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In Love with Hokkaido の Noboribetsu To Yubari

It was a great sleep at Noboribetsu Mahoroba Onsen Hotel, the onsen really help much, its so relaxing and really had a deep sleep at night, the tatami bed was very comfy.

Breakfast at the hotel before depart for today's journey.

Once we got into the bus, the 1st destination is .... the Noboribetsu Hospital ! .. (what a joke !) The fact was one of the tour member was sick, an old lady in her 70s. She must had eaten too much sashimi and got food poisoning. After consulted to a doctor, they purchased medicine from the opposite pharmacy. The total cost for consultation and medicine cost her about RM300. (>.<)|||

Noboribetsu Hospital

The Hospital Registration Counter
Hope the grandma get well soon.

Then, continue our journey ~

and here we are ~~

What!? All the way here for a souvenir shop!? No way ~

(haha.. joke la~ ) this was one of the most excited things that we had done during this trip !

cheng ~ cheng ~ cheng ~

Fruit Plucking !!!


ahhh ~ so best !! It's indescribable tasty! sweet and juicy!  

It was harvest season for cherry, so we can eat till we drop !!! Besides cherry, there are many other fruits are planting in this fruit farm as well, some are not able to grow in Malaysia ~

Grapes, Apple, Pear, Strawberry..


Too bad those are still too young to eat. So, stay healthy, grow bigger ! Thanks for providing so much nutrients to us. 

Goodbye cherries ~ I'll miss you.. VERY MUCH!! 


The Bear Ranch !! Raawwrrrr ~

We are going after the Japanese Brown Bears !!! Goshhh ~ BEARS !!! its sound terrifying! A carnivore, fierce, size bigger and taller than human being ! Yet, little kids like to play with the bear-alike soft toy, why ?? Now I know why ~ (laugh)..

We feed them biscuit.. and this is how cute they are !

When you get closer, its scary ! 
Just across a wall. 
Better don't stay so long, run ~ (LOL)

After playing with the bears, its time for lunch!

Today's set lunch ! This is for 1 person, garlic fried rice, ramen, tempura, yummy ! yummy ! too bad I can't finish all ! such a waste .. T_T ..

After lunch, we proceed to a ropeway ride station, which is just above the restaurant, going to the top of Mt. Uzusan.

Steels for stabilization 

Here, we were supposed able to see the magnificent view of Lake Toya and Showa Shinzan like this..

but the luck was not with us, it was drizzling and the view were blocked by mist.. real thick mist..

So, what we could see was an amazing mist view ! T_T

A souvenir shop here too, was here waiting for next cable car, check out some of the stuff selling here, but didn't buy anything , not even a souvenir. Now feel regret about it. I'm just not too good in shopping. (>.<)

Came down from Mt. Uzusan, about 3pm, heading to the hometown of Hokkaido famous MELON -- Yubari ! 

Melon ~ Melon ~ Wo Ai Ni ~~~ (oops ~ too excited! LoL!)

Tonight ~ tonight we can have UNLIMITED Hokkaido, Yubari MELON !! (can't wait anymore)

(...Brake ~ *heeeeee...~~~!!!* ... rewind , rewind ) 

Sorry, got too excited when talk about MELON (paiseh) .. XD .. that will be served for tonight dinner. 

Before we checked in to the hotel, today's last stop -- Yubari Coal/Mine Museum. 

When on the way to this town, the road looks quiet, I didn't think much, just thought that it might be a small village, just like our kampung, not many youngster will stay in the village. 

And here we reached the Coal/Mine Museum. From the outlook of the building, can see it is a very old building.

When step in to building, the lobby lights was not very bright, but with a group of people, together with tour guide's explanation, it was okay.

Then, the tour guide brought us to the mining ground, took a lift down. It was really cold down here, with some of the statue showing how the old timer people work. Those statue looks real! (>.<) 

A construction helmet with head light was provided. Get ready to experience how a miner worked! Maybe my head was too small for the helmet, it was loose, I've to hold it with my hand. 

It's getting darker in there, going inner and inner.. somehow.. I felt kind of spooky down here.. maybe the statues looks really real with sound effects of human voice and machines sound. (>.<)

The rescue team

Where's the missing tool?
We were the last who touched this real piece of coal, just simply took a photo and quickly catch up with the group. Have to go through a long staircase to exit. (spooky ~ )

Phew~ exited at last. Then I realize that we were the only group visited the museum at that time. Which was .. ermm.. maybe we were just too late and was the last group of the day. LoL. (No idea)

Then we headed to the hotel, which located not far from the coal/mine museum. 

Yubari Mount Racey Resort! It's a famous ski resort, I believe more visitor will be coming to this town during winter season. 

We were here quite early, about 5pm, dinner time is 7pm. Therefore, we went for the onsen before dinner. 

This onsen is much smaller than the one at Noboribetsu. This onsen given more (slightly more la~  LoL ~) privacy with small partition for the bathing area. I'm sort of adapted to their culture, or shall I say that I've tasted the grapes, I know it's sweet, so I wanted more ! haha~ (check out my first onsen experience here.) 

This onsen was not crowded, but I still prefer the outdoor pool. Water heat was 42 degrees, but outside was cooling, wind blow to face, warm in body. The best thing was, nobody in the pool with me ! Enjoy private time to the max! haha..

Aahh~ after a hot bath, felt extremely hungry! I can eat a cow now ! LoL ! But I won't, because I'm going after the MELON !!!


Nom~ nom~ nom~

Fruit that make you SMILE ^_^

Yubari Melon produce most famous melon among all city in Hokkaido.

Yubari Melon also known as Yubari King Melons. The first two top grade Yubari King Melons (夕張メロン) of the season will be auctioned. In 2008, a pair of Yubari King melons was sold for 2,500,000Yen (about RM98,628.89), 2 years ago was sold at 2,000,000Yen (about RM78,902.38), while this year was sold at 500,000Yen (about RM19,727.86). Yes, you've read it correctly, I've type it correctly as well! Do not doubt, that was the price sold! Average price for a normal grade melon is selling at 4,000Yen (about RM157.82). Our best grade Durian can't even compare with the normal grade melon price !

Nom ~ Nom ~ Nom ~

EAT ALL I CAN ~ !!! ^^v

After dinner, we went to a mini foodcourt which is just located outside the hotel. There's a train station here, right next to it, is this mini foodcourt.

This looks like a shop, but inside are separated with few different stalls. That's why I called it as "mini foodcourt".

A place to chill and relax for locals after working hours. A glass of beers, chit chatting with laughters.

Day 2 has passed..

3rd day, highlight of the trip -- FLOWERS ~~~ !!!!!


  1. AMAzING~!!! hahaha i love the mining tour. looks interesting and mind boggling!

    1. tqtq ~ hundreds had dead in the coal mines, i believe the spirits are still in there.. continue their undone job.. *wuuu~*

  2. Y U No bring back the Yubari King melons

    1. I brought back some sweet and jelly only.. XD


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