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In Love with Hokkaido の The Purple Romance

Today, highlight of our 7D5N Hokkaido Trip -- "The Purple Romance"

Wake up and say bye bye with King Melon's hometown, Yubari.

Breakfast before departure.
"Onsen" Egg (Half boiled egg)
My favorite cherry tomatoes ! SWEET !!!

Before leaving, took a photo with the stunning ski hill since not able to see it during winter season.
Took a photo at the iconic station as well.
Then we run to the bus as everybody was waiting in there. (fuh ~ rush rush.. should have wake up earlier, oh ya.. the morning call was late ! >.<)

Lets Go ~ !!!

I remember the journey was quite long, couldn't recall how many hours ride. (Should have write this sooner.. T_T). 

Today is all about FLOWER !! So... 

Here we are !! 


Entrance to the Farm Tomita
The Giant Melon ! 

From far we can smell the fragrance of lavender.. walk further and this is what in front of us !! It just like a wallpaper !


Blend with Lavenders ~~ ^_^v
Lavender Ice Cream !!! 
Everybody getting the memorable moment !
Stunning view ! Sea of Flowers ~ especially Lavenders ~ 
Deck for a better view.

The tour guide given about 3 hours for us to hang around here, but yet, it was not enough ! The farm is huge, we need more time! And, the weather was very hot that day, we spent some time to enjoy the Lavender Ice Cream, then continue to capture the best memorable view. It was really rush, we were running, instead of walking, don't really have time to sit back and enjoy the stunning view. Sigh..

I must come back again !!! 

Then, we run to the bus, pass by the souveniers shop, no time to see what they are selling too.. >.< .. Just simply grab some candles and run towards the bus. (Everybody was waiting in the bus already!)

Fuh ~ fuh ~ wish I could come here by myself, so that I could spend my own sweet time here to enjoy  ~ Sigh..

Time flies ~ its lunch time ! 

Today's lunch at Prince Hotel, Furano.
 The restaurant sited at lower level of the hotel.
I was not very hungry, so i go for dessert first ! haha ~
And the MELON again !!! Although it's not Yubari Melon, but its still tasty ! Yumm ~
The flesh does come in Green colours too
I think I ate 1 whole fruit of the Melon! Nyahahaha ~

Before leaving, say bye bye with Mr. Polar Bear ~
Continue our journey, next stop -- Biei 美瑛町 . Another flowers farm.
This farm is more commercialize compare with Farm Tomita at Furano, they fence up the area for  photography station which you need to pay for it. Otherwise you'll may take photo from outside WITH THE FENCE!
Fence up! >.<
This farm is much bigger than Tomita Farm, transport service is ready, either sit on the viewing truck or by private truck to go round the whole farm. Again, you have to pay for it!
The weather was hot, yet we still choose to walk around the farm, so that we may capture the view from different angle.
The flowers attract lots of bees and dragonflies, its all over the farm!
Breathtaking view! It's surrounded by dragonflies ~
Used to see this on fake Christmas tree! But these are real!
Really respect and admire the way they plant the flowers, it's so systematic. It's ..

I am totally fell in love with this land ! I'm so reluctant to leave, yet... gonna rush for the bus AGAIN !!! .. T_T .. We only given 45 minutes to explore this HUGE land!! *SAD*

When rushing out of this land, spotted the Hokkaido ALPACA (羊驼) !!! Why our tour did not include the entrance fee for this !? I wanted to go in, but time was not allowed !! *Sigh*
Snap this through the ticketing booth. (I wanna go in so badly! T__T) They are so cute ~~
Foods for Alpaca
Funny plants that Alpaca eats.
After rushing back to the bus, the bus driver drove us here. The tour guide said we're here for the CORN! 
Its written on the corn's picture : "Seriously tasty ! Superbly tasty!"

I didn't find the corn is superbly tasty, just .. you know... taste like.. CORN.. hahhaha ~

Since was here just for the corn, thought could have just relax around here. Suddenly, heard that there's my favorite flower ~ SUNFLOWER at the other side !

I was so excited! And, again afraid of time constrain. I RUN~~ towards the SUNFLOWERS !!!
Thousands of Sunflowers!!!
Sunflowers as tall as a kid.
Seeing thousands of sunflowers, each of them as if like looking at you with a smiling face, welcome you with their open arms (leaves). Can't believe that myself would able to blend in with them, at this moment, my heart has melted.

I want to be as happy as them !

The land has filled with the yellow happiness!
View from the viewing point.
The evening weather was nice, windy. It would be nice if could cycling around here, enjoy the breezy day, with your loved one, ahh ~ how romantic..

The high ground viewing point.
Finally, we have to say goodbye with all the flowers. Lavender, sunflower, etc. I will remember you, all of you! I will come back for you! For SURE!!! 

Next, we heading to the Capital of Hokkaido, Sapporo.

It was another long journey. 

Stopping by for toilet break at Sandantaki Park. 
There's a public toilet here. I wanted to go although the queue was long. But when people coming out from the toilet, they're complaining about the toilet was very dirty! Surprisingly this comment would be applied on Japan's toilet! I couldn't describe more here, because I chose not to go in there. LoL ! I can't accept that a dirty toilet exist in Japan!
The dirty toilet. >.<
As mentioned earlier, it was a long journey. Here's 2nd pit stop. Sunagawa rest area.
Just like our R&R (Rest & Relax) station in Malaysia. You can get food & beverage here.
Packed Corn. hmm.. should have try this. 
Black Bean Dorayaki (Bought this because Doreamon like dorayaki. LoL!)
Vending machine to order fresh cook food. 
Various vending machines !
Vending machine for cigarette.
Vending machine for HOT food!
Brought Ultraman bottle water (it come with Hello Kitty too) and black bean dorayaki! ^_^
The sky's getting dark, after the long hours bus ride, we've reached the Hokkaido largest city, Sapporo. 

One of the must visit spot in Sapporo is Tanukikoji Shopping Street (狸小路). 
The iconic Tanukikoji balloon. A HUGE one.
The main reason that the tour guide brought us here was to visit and shop at this shop. Anything that you purchase will be given 10% discount.
The shop was so crowded and packed ! I'm not good in shopping, especially something like this.. to me, its like a.. war zone! =__= . So, I decided to stay away from the shop. I rather to spend some times to look around the places.
Peoples behind me was shopping as if the shop owner giving out stuff for free. LoL !
I took the opportunity to walk around instead of spending time to queue up for shopping. 

All the shops at this street are very unique. Each of them are renovated differently. 
Locals hanging out for beer after working hours.
Just playing around with the can drinks (Japan Cola) while waiting for others to shop till drop.

Saw my idol's poster here too ! JANG GEUN SUK !!! *LOVE*

'LAUGH' Farm. They plant with laughter ? hahaha ~ *like*

It really took sometime for the tour members to shop till they drop.


Faster ~ ! I'm hungry !!!

Dinner time ! Luckily the restaurant is not far from Tanukikoji Street.

Today's dinner ~ Teppanyaki !

Some tour member ordered the famous Hokkaido Kobe Beef. Too bad that my Dear doesn't take beef, I did not have the chance to try this. Yet, this Kobe Beef is very costly, so I shall be grateful that we do not spend for this. haha..

WHAT!? I've to cook for my own dinner ? No ~ I'm tired ! I don't wanna cook ! Dear ~ can you cook for me please ~
Cook for me please ~
The restaurant provides paper type apron, so that when you cook the oil will not spill all over your cloths. 

End up, I cooked. .. T_T .. Been running here and there for the whole day, by end of the day I still have to cook for myself ! *Tired* oh ya.. and the dinner was rush too! Don't know why while others finishing their food, buy I still cooking .. =___= .. 

Fuh ~ rushing whole day! 

Such a tiring day. But its worth for the tiredness, my eyes and heart has opened wider now by seeing all the fantastic farm and hug by the beauty of nature. 

There were many times that I felt my heart has melted, looking at the lavenders, sunflowers, etc., its like in a dream. *touched* Although it's not my first time travelling overseas, but this land impressed me the most !  

Tonight, we checked in to one of the hotel in Sapporo, not a grand one, and no more onsen bath for tonight, oh~ I miss that ! 

I was really very tired. Was planned to walk around outside the hotel, but my body were not able to, I just fell asleep deeply. 

Today, tonight has passed.. with great memories. 


  1. WOW, u and ur Dear (with capital D) really have a great time there! I would wanna lie down at the flower fields and sleep on the grown! =) hehe... wishing one day Malaysia have a place like this too!

  2. Hi Rachel , May i know which travel agent did you follow to this Hokkaido lavender trip?
    all the photo you uploaded are so nice and beautiful.

    1. Thanks Yong. I followed Apple Vacations. You may check out their website at :)


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