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[Rooftop Prince] Do You Believe in REINCARNATION?

A Korean Drama -- Rooftop Prince. A story comprises Romance + Fantasy + Comedy + Criminal Investigation which relate to reincarnation. A complex story, unlike some other drama, the endings are predictable, but not for this one!

A story about a Crown Princess in Josean time (300 years ago) has died out of sudden, the Crown Prince couldn't stand the pain of loosing the loved one, he then decided to investigate the case and find out who's the murderer! Somehow, during a chasing scene, Crown Prince and 3 of his servants had transferred to 300 years later, which is PRESENT-DAY!

They fall in a house at rooftop! And here comes the title of this drama - ROOFTOP PRINCE!

Park Ha, the tenant of the rooftop house was frightened when see the prince and his servants appearance.

Somehow, the Crown Prince and his servants were taken care by Park Ha, thru Park Ha's guidance, these ancient peoples has slowly adapt to the present people's lifestyle. They have hair cut (this is a hard decision for them, ancient people believe that their bodies were inherited from their parents, so they can't harm any part of their bodies, not even hair), learn the present-day wordings, use phones, learn to drive, so much fun!

The Crown Prince found his Crown Princess in present-day -- Hong Se Na, but she doesn't remember a thing or who this Crown Prince is. Since then, Crown Prince understand that she is reincarnation of Crown Prince. 300 years later, she has reincarnate as Se Na.

He then found out that the reincarnation of himself had an accident and was in coma condition. He decided to take over the status and make peoples believe that he is the reincarnation -- Yong Tae Yong.

Crown prince believe that he has to marry Se Na in oder to solve the mystery and then they will be able to return to Joseon. Somehow, he has fell for Park Ha.

Park Ha and Se Na are sisters, same as 300 years ago. 300 years ago, Crown Princess's sister -- Bu Yong, who suppose to marry with Crown Prince, because of the sister's jealousy, she lost the opportunity, and the sister become the Crown Princess. Yet, Crown Prince is happy every time when talk to Bu Yong.

Same goes with the present life, Park Ha has been suffering for Se Na. Yet, Crown Prince is in love with Park Ha.

300 years, their Love has faced many challenges, yet its fated for them to be together, just matter of time.

Fate ; Reincarnation

Do you believe it?

I think I do.

Have you found your fated one!?

If yes, keep it gently.

If no, you will find it soon!

Here's the Rooftop Prince trailer, have fun! ^__^

Note : All photos/picture/video extracted from website/rooftop prince facebook page.


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