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私とワルツを (Waltz with me) by 鬼束ちひろ (Chihiro Onitsuka)

鬼束ちひろ - Chihiro Onitsuka
A Japanese singer that impressed me with her song, when she sings, she brings me into the song, the feeling is so strong, eventhough I don't understand the meaning of the song. 

The first song I heard from her was 月光 (Gekkou), I was completely overwhelmed by this song, it was just a random search on youtube, then I started to google more about her, all her songs melt my heart, everytime. 

A simple girl without fake eye lashes or glamour dress, when she step on the stage, started to sing, 
I am totally in her world.

Here's one of the song that keep playing in my mind recently, all the time..

私とワルツを  - Walt with me

Click here to listen from my favorite website -- Grooveshark. 

Live version :-

Lyrics in Japanese:-


優しいものは とても恐いから
泣いてしまう 貴方は優しいから



失う時が いつか来る事も
知っているの 貴方は悲しい程

優しいものは とても恐いから
泣いてしまう 貴方は優しいから

不思議な炎に 焼かれているのなら

悲鳴を上げて 名前を呼んで
一度だけでも それが最後でも


Romanized Lyrics:-
tokei wa ugoku no o yame
kimyou na bansan wa shizuka ni tsuzuku
nanika o nugasu you ni 

mou sorosoro kuchi o tojite
wakariaeteru ka dou ka no kotae wa

tabun doko ni mo nai
sore nara karada o yoseau dake demo

yasashii mono wa totemo kowai kara
naiteshimau anata wa yasashii kara
dare ni mo kizu ga tsukanai you ni to
hitori de nante odoranai de
douka watashi to warutsu o

kono fuyu ga owaru koro ni wa 
itta toritachi mo tokezu ni ochiru 
fuan de tobenai mama

ato doredake arukeru no darou
kitto anata wa sekai no hate he demo
iku to iu no darou
subete no ondo o furiharainagara 

ushinau toki ga itsuka kuru koto mo 
shitteru no anata wa kanashii hodo 
soredemo naze ikiyou to suru no? 
nanimo shinjirarenai kuse ni sonna samishii kitai de

yasashii mono wa totemo kowai kara
naiteshimau anata wa yasashii kara
dare ni mo kizu ga tsukanai you ni to
hitori de nante odoranai de

fushigi na honou ni yakareteiru no nara

koe o agete, namae o yonde
ichido dake demo, sore ga saigo demo
dare ni mo kizu ga tsukanai you ni to
hitori de nante odoranai de
soshite watashi to warutsu o

douka watashi to warutsu o

Lyrics Translation in English:-
The clock stops moving
The awkward dinner goes on quietly
as if trying to reveal something.

Oh, won't you please shut up already
I doubt there's an answer anywhere as to whether we understand one another.
If that's what you're looking for, 
why not just bring yourself over here.

I'm very afraid of kindness
so I end up crying, because you're kind
Don't dance on your own
because you're afraid to hurt someone
Please waltz with me

By the time winter comes to an end
the frozen birds are afraid
that they haven't thawed, and will fall, 
so they remain flightless. 

How much longer can we go on
I'm sure you'd say 
to the ends of earth
casting aside all the warmth as you did. 

Why do you go on living so sadly, 
even though you know eventually you'll lose this
It's not like you can believe in anything
with such sad expectations.

I'm very afraid of kindness
so I end up crying, because you're kind
Don't dance on your own 
because you're afraid to hurt someone

If you're being burnt by a mysterious flame

cry out, and call my name
even just once, even if it's the last time
Don't dance on your own
because you're afraid to hurt someone
Waltz with me. 

Please waltz with me.

Lyrics Source :Wikia


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