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Friday, November 23, 2012

Kpop Dance #2 : Sexy Love by T-ara

This November, 2nd dance learned ! 

Song Title : Sexy Love | Artist : T-ara

Initially its hard to understand the choreography of the dance. 
Starting with the robotic moves follow by sexy moves. 

Basic moves for this dance are :-
1) Robotic
2) Waves
3) Swing head
4) Popping

It took me 2 weeks to catch the robotic steps, yet not master yet. 
Had put in so much efforts to learn up the "crab legs" moves. LoL !

While learning "waves", those B-Boys copying our moves too, they were so cute!
Thanks to my previous Yoga teacher, my body is consider flexible, 
"waves" and "swing head" still bearable with me. ^_^

Popping part was not that hard to learn, but I can't do the best for this moves. 
(Dislike robotic moves. >.< . )

Here you go ~ the mirror music video for this dance! 

Have fun ! 


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