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[Movie Review]Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2

Thanks to Nuffnang, I was invited to the movie premier screening
- The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2 -

Are you a LOVER or HATER of The Twilight series? 

Well, I'm not a big fans of the vampire stories. I shall put myself in between, the neutral one! LoL!

Okay, let's give some rating to the movie.

Romance : 8/5 (Over!)
Overflow and draggy. Oh yea, for the 1st time, I want to thanks Malaysia Film Censorship Board for doing a great job, else I'll fall asleep when they .. ehem.. Even a kissing scene took so long, what the..

Action : 3/5 (Its alright.)
 I do like action movie, thats why I still can accept the Twilight Series and still watch it till the last episode. I started to follow the series when Jacob appear in the story, his warm and energetic spirit has made the movie alive from the deadly cold blooded creatures.

Fantasy : 6/5 (High imagination)
Well, its all about extra-ordinary power, the cold blooded creature and the animal - werewolf. Somehow, it doesn't make sense.
Weird No. 1: Vampire glitter when expose to sunshine. Oh~ so beautiful..
Don't they die?
Weird No. 2: Werewolves and Vampires are enemy, but turned into friends and stay under same roof.
Thanks to the human ?
Weird No. 3 : What a need for Jacob to take off his cloths when transform into wolf!?
Woah ~ look at that sexy body !
Weird No. 4 : Vampires that take animal's blood is categorised as vegetarian.
Hello Vegan?
Weird No. 5 : Half human, half vampire that communicate thru her hand by touching your face!
Yea right, talk to the hand !
Weird No. 6 : When the wolf lost the loved one to the vampire, he then aim the daughter!
This is call Love ?
... etc , etc..
Well, do not watch this movie if you can't accept all the above! LoL!

Comedy : 5/5 (Perfect!)
How a comedy movie is consider successful ?
Answer : When all the audience laugh out loud in the cinema!
Congratulation Twilight, You did it ! *Shake hand*

Overall : 4/5 (OK lar ~)
For Twilight Lover : Congratulations! You've come to the happy ever after chapter.
For Twilight Hater : Congratulations to you too ! After this, you won't be seeing this anymore!
(who knows, maybe will have another series! LoL !)
For the neutral one : Ok lar ~ can go for it, since not much big movie on board recently! haha..

Okay, I thinks thats enough for sharing my very own perception on the movie.

Here's the trailer, see it for yourself.

Enjoyz ~


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