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Congratulations Mr. & Mrs Kok !

Congratulations Ms. Sidney & Mr. Kevin, you both are now officially Mr. & Mrs. Kok !
19th January 2013, the first good thing to kick start year 2013. 
Thank you for inviting us to be your "sister" and "brother" on your 'Big Day'. 
Just weeks before the 'Big Day', "Sisters" had came out with a games plan, thanks for all "Brothers" being supportive and co-operative. 
We had joy, we had fun, together, we gone CRAZY ! hahaha ~

After putting in so much efforts to break through the barriers, 
Finally, the groom has got his pretty bride ~ 

~ Love is in the air ~ 
The Wedding Dinner. 
Thanks for serving us good food and its like a huge gathering for our beloved ex-colleagues who now are friends. So happy to see everyone of you ! 
This is a GREAT WEDDING ! 

To the perfect couple, With sweet memories & beautiful surprises, may every moment of your life be filled with endless happiness. Wish you have a great time together!

Goodbye Blackberry Bold 9700

13 January 2013, l decided to pay my last respect to my beloved handset   -- BlackBerry Bold 9700. 

Thank you for accompany me for the last two years,  you had done a great job for keeping me and my family and friends closely.  You captured many precious moments. Truly appreciate that.

Today, I bring home a brand new device -- SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 2 (l've longed for this for a long time). Finally, you have come to me today. *Happy*
Love this device so much, lots of fun stuff to explore. 
This is one of the fun things I've done, and mama said I'm talented in drawing, haha...

My new baby ~ I wish you healthy all the time, live life to the fullest!  I'll try my best to take good care of you. Gambatte!

Welcome 2013 !

Happy New Year 2013 !! 
Wishing everybody have a happy and healthy year ahead ! 
It's a brand new year, as usual, I do not have any 'New Year Resolution', my living principle : 
LIVE LIFE ! RIGHT NOW ! RIGHT HERE !  Be Grateful ! Be Cherish !  ^_^v
Till then, I would like to summarize 10 great news happened in year 2012. 
(1) Elder brother got married and I've got a new nephew ! Congrats! (2) A surprise birthday party by bunch of crazy friends ! *touched*
(3) Holiday at the wonderland -- Hokkaido! Woohoo ~
(4) Got to know two great new friends, Boon & Aiai,  thanks Jasmine ! Nice to meet you both!
(5) Younger brother graduated ! Congrats!
(6) Played the magic of the year! Thanks to Azlan! Haha ! 
(7) Cousin got married! Congrats!
(8) Two of my best friends had officially someone's wife! Congrats! (9) Started to learn dancing at Mustang Dance Studio! 
(10) A grown up relationship. Grateful!