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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Welcome 2013 !

Happy New Year 2013 !! 

Wishing everybody have a happy and healthy year ahead ! 

It's a brand new year, as usual, I do not have any 'New Year Resolution', my living principle : 

Be Grateful ! Be Cherish ! 


Till then, I would like to summarize 10 great news happened in year 2012. 

(1) Elder brother got married and I've got a new nephew ! Congrats!
(2) A surprise birthday party by bunch of crazy friends ! *touched*
Thanks Sky Art Production for taking the precious moment!

(3) Holiday at the wonderland -- Hokkaido! Woohoo ~

(4) Got to know two great new friends, Boon & Aiai,  thanks Jasmine ! Nice to meet you both!

(5) Younger brother graduated ! Congrats!

(6) Played the magic of the year! Thanks to Azlan! Haha ! 

(7) Cousin got married! Congrats!

(8) Two of my best friends had officially someone's wife! Congrats!
Mr. & Mrs Lam
Mr. & Mrs. Soon
(9) Started to learn dancing at Mustang Dance Studio! 

(10) A grown up relationship. Grateful!

Life is complicated, years by years, time flies, always be thankful of what you have, 

Live the Present with No Regret !

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