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Thursday, March 28, 2013

RIP my lovely ciku tree.

24 March 2013, Sunday

If it was a usual Sunday, I should be at home with mom, but today, I got a wedding dinner to attend, therefore, I didn't manage to go home, and not able to see my beloved ciku tree for the last time. 

The noon was very heavy rain with storm, after saying goodbye with mom, we separated. I head to the wedding dinner and mom went home. 

About 3.30pm, a friend posted a photo of my house's tree informing that it had collapsed! Maybe it was hit by storm. I was shocked and given a call to mom soonest possible. Fortunately, mom was alright and house is safe. 

Thank you for the tree that saved our house and keep my mom safe. 

Sadly, this ciku tree that had accompanied our family for a few decades, had sacrificed itself. 
We used to have so much fun and joy under this tree. 

前人种树, 后人乘凉
One generation plants the tree in whose shade another generation rests. 

Remember my mom told me that it was my grandmother who gave her the seeds of this ciku tree. After years, it grows up to a strong, shady and fruitful tree. 

My family was never a rich man's house, till today, no air-cond has installed in the house. Whenever we felt hot, we go under the tree, the shade has nicely covered us from the sun. Enjoy an ice cream with the breezy air. We were satisfied.

It was a fruitful tree, it growed big and sweet ciku. Whenever a harvest season, we could get loads of them. When we were a kid, mom always carefully feed us the fruit as the seed is real big and smooth, it will easily accidently choke in if not careful. I always complain that it was too sweet. Now I miss it, so much. 

As time goes by, we all grown up, the tree was getting old. We slowly forgot about this tree, we just treat it as a decorative item.

When we have party, we have it under the tree.

Chinese new year, we hang firecrackers and angpow on it.

Mid-autumn festival, we hang tang lung on it, lit candle on it. 

Unlike old times,

When the weather is hot, we go to air-conditioned mall. 

When we feel like eating fruits, we go out and buy. 

Coincidently, I just bought a pack of ciku on that day, and remind me of the ciku tree, and later received the bad news. *sad*

Todate, although we had left it behind, but it never give up on us.

But, this is the last time...

To ciku tree, 
I deeply sorry for not taking care of you, truely appreciate your efforts on us. Once again, thank you for protecting us, may you rest in peace. V_V

Goodbye, my beloved ciku tree.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Kpop Dance #6 : We Are A Bit Different by Evol

Song Title : We Are A Bit Different  |  Artist : Evol

Finally we have passed the excited performance of "I Got A Boy" and now back to normal dancing class routine.

Learned up this choreography in 3 classes.

It's not hard to learn this, and many repeat moves.

Enjoy the choreography ~ !

Kpop Dance #5 : I Got A Boy by SNSD

Started year 2013 with new song, new dance -- I GOT A BOY ! 

Released on 1st January 2013. A colourful dance shall make the year more fun and joy! 

Thanks Girls Generations aka SNSD !

Teacher was so excited about this new song, she decided to teach us this instead of the previous discussed "We are a bit different" by Evol.

She posted on facebook about this and attracted many new students to join our class.

First time of our class with about 15 people. Wow! the power of SNSD is seriously an impact !

This choreography mostly focus on hip-hop style. It's teacher's favourite.

Because of this song, our class has finally set a limit of student, and made us a group of 8, plus teacher will be 9 of us, Mustang Girls Generation has formed! LoL !

Unlike others dance, we can learn up in 3 classes. This one took more than a month ! Teacher has been very precise on every step we made, I was curious.

Till one of the class, teacher told us a good news and a bad news..

"Bad news is ... you all have to perform!"
"Good news is .... you all have to perform also ! "

Wahhh.. now it make sense why she being so precise.

The news was announced too late, we only got 2 weeks to practice.

Here's the choreography ~

I was so nervous and excited about the performance, dancing with a group of teenagers, make me feel like going back to school time.

Well, lets have fun. Here we go !

Although we did the short version, it's a great experience ! 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Pear of the Orient - Hong Kong | Chapter 2

26 January 2013, Saturday.

Alarm set at 6.30am. Today, I woke up earlier than the alarm. 

Brushed up and get ready to go for Mission 1 -- Ride on Duk Ling !

Jack had searched some recommended dim sum online, and we headed for it.

It was early morning, not many people at the street. But once we step in to the restaurant, its full of old folks. It's one of the local culture, old folks enjoying their dim sum with a pot of chinese tea after their morning exercise. They look healthy and joyful. I think we are the only 2 at younger age having breakfast there.

Here's the authentic Hong Kong Dim Sum ~ Yum ~ (Mission 3 on going - #4)

After breakfast, again, by MTR again to get to our destination -- Tsim Tsa Tsui pier.

It was a cold windy morning. It's time for my cute little frogs (gloves) to contribute its function.

We were at the pier earlier. Therefore, we took some pictures nearby.

Here comes the Duk Ling. She was really slow. We can see her from far, but it took so long for her to come near to the pier.

Finally, we had boarded on this traditional sailing boat -- Duk Ling.

It's amazing that a ship over 100 years could still able to sail on sea. 

The ride taken about 1 hour to sail around. Hong Kong, surrounded by buildings, different type/design of buildings. It's so compact.

Mission 1 : Ride on the Duk Ling (Mission Accomplised !) 

Goodbye with Duk Ling. 

Looked at the map, spontaneously, we decided to proceed with Mission 3. 

Food ~ here we come ~ 

Lan Fong Yuen - the famous local authentic milk tea.

The original shop is located at Central. Follow the map, get on MTR again, walk and find our way to the shop. It was a long journey.

Here, a truly local place, many hongkies hang out here, a place like a wet market, food, fruits, vegetables, and even pork could be seen here, I mean a van full of pork, one whole pork with head and legs. The guy just carried it on his shoulder and deliver to the shop. @_@

I guess here was a mountain before it has developed. The slope was so steep !

Finally, here we are !

OMG ! Look at the crowd !

Lan Fong Yuen milk tea + pork burger + chicken wings noodle! (Mission 3 on going - #5)

After lunch, we proceed to one of the Hong Kong must visit -- World Longest Mid-Level Escalator.

Information from tripadvisor :-
800-metre hillside escalator starts from Connaught Road Central, runs to the Hang Seng Bank Building on Des Voeux Road Central, then passes through the Central Market and continues to climb past Hollywood Road to the prime Mid-levels residential district. The longest covered outdoor escalator system in the world.

We went up to the top hill, and found.... NOTHING up there ! Luckily, it didn't take much effort for uphill with the escalator. Hence, we have to go downhill by.. STAIRS !

Information from wikipedia :-
The escalator daily runs downhill from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. and uphill from 10:30am to midnight. Apart from serving as a method of transporting, it is also a tourist attraction and has restaurants, bars, and shops lining its route. There is an entrance and exit on each road it passes, often on both sides of the road.

We didn't stop by any restaurant in between, ended our downhill journey at Pacific Coffee.

It was a tiring journey. It was just the 2nd day in Hong Kong, and our legs has begun to mumble :
'I'm tired~'.

While resting at Pacific Coffee, through the glass panel, we saw some passerby having their egg tart, which seems delicious. Okay ! That's our next objective -- EGG TART!

Few shops from Pacific Coffee,  泰昌饼店, where the delicious Egg Tart located. People were lining up just to taste the greatness of the tart.

We bought 2 egg tarts and a chicken pie. Yum ~ (Mission 3 on going - #6)

Journey continue ~ (keep walking..)

The next thing we see is this shop, selling roasted duck, chicken, etc.
Just like the one we had on day one.

Looking at the menu, we decided to go in just to try this --

Roasted Pigeon !

This did not dissapoint us ! *thumbs up* (Mission 3 on going - #7)

We took our own sweet time to rest in the restaurant, and.. play with the pigeon ! :-P

Its almost evening, we decided not to back to the guest house and went to Avenue of Stars instead.
And, waited for the show of "A Symphony of Lights" which play everyday at 8pm.

We were here 7 years back, nothing much change here.

The night was cold and windy, and it's drizzling before the performance. A hot and fragrant grilled squid was just nice to keep us energetic. (Mission 3 on going - #8, no photos taken for this one U_U)

8pm sharp, the show started! A 10 minutes lights show with music attracted thousands of tourist.

The show ended, headed back to guest house. 

Dinner for tonight -- "Smelly Tofu" (Mission 3 on going - #9
Smell good ? 
It does smell bad. If compare to Taiwanese "smelly tofu", I think this is bearable.
So I took a bite.. hmm.. taste OK. haha ~ didn't know that I could accept it. 

This stall located right at our guest house building. Variety of foods are available here. Served hot ! 

I bought the beef roll back in the room, enjoy it while resting. 

Supper time ! 章记香港仔鱼蛋王 (Fish ball noodle), another great food found nearby our guest house.
(Mission 3 on going - #10)  

Authentic Hong Kong Ginger Cola with Lemon. *Like*

This shall wrap up for the day.

Yumm ~ 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pear of the Orient - Hong Kong | Chapter 1

Pearl of the Orient -- Hong Kong.

7 years ago, Jack and I, was here, for our first overseas trip. This time, we have recaptured some of our old time memories and input some new chapters.

Thanks to AirAsia again, offered us a great deal, giving us a chance to go during this cooling season.

Winter in Hong Kong is not extremely cold, average 18°C-19°C, its just like an open air-conditioned room. When the wind blow, it felt like in a huge fridge. Luckily, we've well prepared for this trip, a winter jacket is just nice to keep us warm.

We don't really plan an itinerary for this trip, just want to have a free and easy tour, be spontaneous. We do not want to tie up ourself with a full board schedule, that will be tiring. Yet, we do have some missions to complete during this trip.

Mission 1 : Ride on the Duk Ling -- the 1980s classic fisherman's boat.
Mission 2 : Visit Jia Jia and An An -- the giant panda. 
Mission 3 : Taste the wonderful Hong Kong's food ! 

A 6 days 5 nights trip, Hong Kong, here we come ~ again! 

Chapter 1 :

25th January 2013, Friday.

Thanks to brother in law for sending us to LCCT early in the morning. Although we've done the online check-in, we still have to drop our luggage at the counter. After breakfast at Marrybrown, we proceed to the waiting hall. 8.55am fly off to the Pearl of the Orient!

Touched ground. Leaved Hong Kong International Airport by Airport Express to Hong Kong Station.
Mass Transit Airway - MTR in Hong Kong is very convenient and easy, just have to be mentally and physically prepared to walk, in or out of the station.

From Hong Kong Station to Tsim Tsa Tsui Station. To process our Mission 1- The Duk Ling ride.

Info from Hong Kong Tourism Board :-
Address :
There are two piers you can depart from :
Kowloon: Kowloon public pier, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon (disembarks at Hong Kong Island)
Hong Kong Island: Central Pier 9 (disembarks at Kowloon Public Pier)
+852 2508 1234
Kowloon departure: 2pm and 4pm (Thursday); 10am and noon (Saturday)
Hong Kong Island departure: 3pm and 5pm (Thursday); 11am and 1pm (Saturday)
Adult / child (aged 3–75 only): $100 per person
A full refund for booking cancellation can only be granted two days or more prior to departure.
No refund for cancellation can be offered one day before or on the day of departure, except in the event of tour cancellation due to bad weather.
As we are leaving on next Wednesday, the only day that we could get on board will be the next day, Saturday. We were blessed with the last 2 tickets were available just for us. We chose the 10am ride. 

Dragging our luggage, heading back to MTR station again, this time to Mong Kok Station, to check in at Oi Suen Guesthouse.

Pit-stop at Hui Lau Shan Healthy Dessert. This is now available in Kuala Lumpur too !
(Mission 3 started - #1) ^.^

About 4pm, check in at Oi Suen Guesthouse, we were the last two checked in for today. Oi Suen Guesthouse is located at Sincere Podium, 8th floors. Welcome by Ms. Ellen, the owner. She shown and briefed us the room. The room is extremely small and with a kind of weird smell, guess the ventilation is not well done here. Not to mention about the bathroom, hardly to turn around in there.

After settled down ourself, had a nice shower in the tiny bathroom. It's time for dinner.

The famous roasted geese/duck/chicken/pork is just few streets away from our Guesthouse.

深井陈记烧鹅 (Sam Jeng Chan Kei Siew Ngor - in cantonese) (mission 3 on going - #2)

It has a great review online, but my favor. The geese got too much fat, its hard to chew. Yet, the chili paste has boost the tast of the meal. Kind of dissappointed with this restaurant, the blame has to be the online comments, it just did not taste like what I read.

Then, we continue our journey to the nearby shopping mall -- Langham Place. One of the unique things in here -- a 5-storeys escalator. Do not ride if you afraid of heights.

And we found another wonderful Hong Kong's food here :-

满记甜品 | Honeymoon Dessert (Mission 3 on going - #3)

This was satisfying. I wish I have larger capacity to eat all of these. Yum ~
On the way back to guesthouse, I bought a Yao Char Kueh and cold soya drinks. That was yummy too.

~ Chapter 1, The End ~