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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Kpop Dance #5 : I Got A Boy by SNSD

Started year 2013 with new song, new dance -- I GOT A BOY ! 

Released on 1st January 2013. A colourful dance shall make the year more fun and joy! 

Thanks Girls Generations aka SNSD !

Teacher was so excited about this new song, she decided to teach us this instead of the previous discussed "We are a bit different" by Evol.

She posted on facebook about this and attracted many new students to join our class.

First time of our class with about 15 people. Wow! the power of SNSD is seriously an impact !

This choreography mostly focus on hip-hop style. It's teacher's favourite.

Because of this song, our class has finally set a limit of student, and made us a group of 8, plus teacher will be 9 of us, Mustang Girls Generation has formed! LoL !

Unlike others dance, we can learn up in 3 classes. This one took more than a month ! Teacher has been very precise on every step we made, I was curious.

Till one of the class, teacher told us a good news and a bad news..

"Bad news is ... you all have to perform!"
"Good news is .... you all have to perform also ! "

Wahhh.. now it make sense why she being so precise.

The news was announced too late, we only got 2 weeks to practice.

Here's the choreography ~

I was so nervous and excited about the performance, dancing with a group of teenagers, make me feel like going back to school time.

Well, lets have fun. Here we go !

Although we did the short version, it's a great experience ! 

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