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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pear of the Orient - Hong Kong | Chapter 1

Pearl of the Orient -- Hong Kong.

7 years ago, Jack and I, was here, for our first overseas trip. This time, we have recaptured some of our old time memories and input some new chapters.

Thanks to AirAsia again, offered us a great deal, giving us a chance to go during this cooling season.

Winter in Hong Kong is not extremely cold, average 18°C-19°C, its just like an open air-conditioned room. When the wind blow, it felt like in a huge fridge. Luckily, we've well prepared for this trip, a winter jacket is just nice to keep us warm.

We don't really plan an itinerary for this trip, just want to have a free and easy tour, be spontaneous. We do not want to tie up ourself with a full board schedule, that will be tiring. Yet, we do have some missions to complete during this trip.

Mission 1 : Ride on the Duk Ling -- the 1980s classic fisherman's boat.
Mission 2 : Visit Jia Jia and An An -- the giant panda. 
Mission 3 : Taste the wonderful Hong Kong's food ! 

A 6 days 5 nights trip, Hong Kong, here we come ~ again! 

Chapter 1 :

25th January 2013, Friday.

Thanks to brother in law for sending us to LCCT early in the morning. Although we've done the online check-in, we still have to drop our luggage at the counter. After breakfast at Marrybrown, we proceed to the waiting hall. 8.55am fly off to the Pearl of the Orient!

Touched ground. Leaved Hong Kong International Airport by Airport Express to Hong Kong Station.
Mass Transit Airway - MTR in Hong Kong is very convenient and easy, just have to be mentally and physically prepared to walk, in or out of the station.

From Hong Kong Station to Tsim Tsa Tsui Station. To process our Mission 1- The Duk Ling ride.

Info from Hong Kong Tourism Board :-
Address :
There are two piers you can depart from :
Kowloon: Kowloon public pier, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon (disembarks at Hong Kong Island)
Hong Kong Island: Central Pier 9 (disembarks at Kowloon Public Pier)
+852 2508 1234
Kowloon departure: 2pm and 4pm (Thursday); 10am and noon (Saturday)
Hong Kong Island departure: 3pm and 5pm (Thursday); 11am and 1pm (Saturday)
Adult / child (aged 3–75 only): $100 per person
A full refund for booking cancellation can only be granted two days or more prior to departure.
No refund for cancellation can be offered one day before or on the day of departure, except in the event of tour cancellation due to bad weather.
As we are leaving on next Wednesday, the only day that we could get on board will be the next day, Saturday. We were blessed with the last 2 tickets were available just for us. We chose the 10am ride. 

Dragging our luggage, heading back to MTR station again, this time to Mong Kok Station, to check in at Oi Suen Guesthouse.

Pit-stop at Hui Lau Shan Healthy Dessert. This is now available in Kuala Lumpur too !
(Mission 3 started - #1) ^.^

About 4pm, check in at Oi Suen Guesthouse, we were the last two checked in for today. Oi Suen Guesthouse is located at Sincere Podium, 8th floors. Welcome by Ms. Ellen, the owner. She shown and briefed us the room. The room is extremely small and with a kind of weird smell, guess the ventilation is not well done here. Not to mention about the bathroom, hardly to turn around in there.

After settled down ourself, had a nice shower in the tiny bathroom. It's time for dinner.

The famous roasted geese/duck/chicken/pork is just few streets away from our Guesthouse.

深井陈记烧鹅 (Sam Jeng Chan Kei Siew Ngor - in cantonese) (mission 3 on going - #2)

It has a great review online, but my favor. The geese got too much fat, its hard to chew. Yet, the chili paste has boost the tast of the meal. Kind of dissappointed with this restaurant, the blame has to be the online comments, it just did not taste like what I read.

Then, we continue our journey to the nearby shopping mall -- Langham Place. One of the unique things in here -- a 5-storeys escalator. Do not ride if you afraid of heights.

And we found another wonderful Hong Kong's food here :-

满记甜品 | Honeymoon Dessert (Mission 3 on going - #3)

This was satisfying. I wish I have larger capacity to eat all of these. Yum ~
On the way back to guesthouse, I bought a Yao Char Kueh and cold soya drinks. That was yummy too.

~ Chapter 1, The End ~ 

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