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Thursday, March 28, 2013

RIP my lovely ciku tree.

24 March 2013, Sunday

If it was a usual Sunday, I should be at home with mom, but today, I got a wedding dinner to attend, therefore, I didn't manage to go home, and not able to see my beloved ciku tree for the last time. 

The noon was very heavy rain with storm, after saying goodbye with mom, we separated. I head to the wedding dinner and mom went home. 

About 3.30pm, a friend posted a photo of my house's tree informing that it had collapsed! Maybe it was hit by storm. I was shocked and given a call to mom soonest possible. Fortunately, mom was alright and house is safe. 

Thank you for the tree that saved our house and keep my mom safe. 

Sadly, this ciku tree that had accompanied our family for a few decades, had sacrificed itself. 
We used to have so much fun and joy under this tree. 

前人种树, 后人乘凉
One generation plants the tree in whose shade another generation rests. 

Remember my mom told me that it was my grandmother who gave her the seeds of this ciku tree. After years, it grows up to a strong, shady and fruitful tree. 

My family was never a rich man's house, till today, no air-cond has installed in the house. Whenever we felt hot, we go under the tree, the shade has nicely covered us from the sun. Enjoy an ice cream with the breezy air. We were satisfied.

It was a fruitful tree, it growed big and sweet ciku. Whenever a harvest season, we could get loads of them. When we were a kid, mom always carefully feed us the fruit as the seed is real big and smooth, it will easily accidently choke in if not careful. I always complain that it was too sweet. Now I miss it, so much. 

As time goes by, we all grown up, the tree was getting old. We slowly forgot about this tree, we just treat it as a decorative item.

When we have party, we have it under the tree.

Chinese new year, we hang firecrackers and angpow on it.

Mid-autumn festival, we hang tang lung on it, lit candle on it. 

Unlike old times,

When the weather is hot, we go to air-conditioned mall. 

When we feel like eating fruits, we go out and buy. 

Coincidently, I just bought a pack of ciku on that day, and remind me of the ciku tree, and later received the bad news. *sad*

Todate, although we had left it behind, but it never give up on us.

But, this is the last time...

To ciku tree, 
I deeply sorry for not taking care of you, truely appreciate your efforts on us. Once again, thank you for protecting us, may you rest in peace. V_V

Goodbye, my beloved ciku tree.

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