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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pear of the Orient - Hong Kong | Chapter 3

27 January 2013, Sunday

Yesterday was exhausted. Great thing about free and easy trip is we could rest as much as we wanted to.

Today's breakfast, super famous dim sum specialist - Tim Ho Wan.

We reached there around 10am. There were lots of people blocking the entrance, we hardly squeezed in to get a queue number. Can't remember what number we got, but we have waited for about 2 hours.
Breakfast become brunch.

 It was a Sunday, the neighbours' shops were close on that day, therefore we have a place to sit down and wait (yea, infront of people's shop).
For the first time, I've fell asleep at the roadside (with saliva dripping.. LOL!!!)

After a long queue, finally, here's our turn ! See the time, it's already 12p.m, we almost hungry till death. Is it worth for the waiting ??

Here I present you the
(mission 3 on going #11)

From Top Left : Ha Gao (Prawn filling), Teo Chew Gao (if not mistaken), Pai Guat (Pork Ribs)
From Bottom Left : Char Siew Pao (Crispy one !), Siew Mai, Guai Fa Gou (Osmanthus Dessert)
All dim sum were freshly steam, and only allow to add order for ONE time (YES! ONE TIME ONLY!) So, since we had queuing for almost 2 hours, we just order whatever we wanted, if couldn't finish, we'll just take away. But at the end, we finished all the food !

Of all I like the Char Siew Pao and Guai Fa Gou the most !
The crispy Char Siew Pao was so fragrant, crispy yet soft, the filling was so fresh and juicy.
The Guai Fa Gou was just nice to wrap up the whole meal, a cooling dessert, jelly base with osmanthus flavor, it's so fragrant. (ahhh~ I miss this so much !)

Here's the menu, I wish I could eat it all !

This is how small the shop is. No wonder all the customers have to wait for so long.
*cold* The air-cond was cooler than the wind outside.
But then, it's worth for the waiting ! ^.^v

After the yummylicious brunch, we decided to go Lamma Island.

On the way to MTR, grab a local street food -- Little Egg (鸡蛋仔)
(mission 3 on going #12)

Eat while it hot ! and yea.. the weather was cooling. Best combination ! 
Head to the pier and got on a ferry, the journey just took about 20 minutes. 

And here we are !

Finally can see some greens after few days in a crowded city.
This shall be a great place for city people to have a weekend getaway.

There are 2 piers located at different side of Lamma Island.
We got down at Yong Shu Wan, here we start the exploration of Lamma Island.

It's totally different from the Hong Kong island, it's so peaceful here. No cars in the town, everybody just walking and cycling.

We just keep walking, sight seeing, according to the map, it will take about 60 minutes to reach the pier at another end -- Suk Ku Wan.

First pit stop at a stall named "Grandma To Fu Fa", enjoy a bowl of homemade taste.

I guess it's a must have pit stop here. Look at the crowd.

Curry fishball on sale too. (mission 3 on going #13)

Journey continue ~

Not far from the first pit stop, we have reach another happening spot, lots of food selling here.

Here's the "Mama Tao Fu Fa". LoL .
We did not stop by and keep walking. Just right after the stalls, here is the beach!

Enjoy the breeze, listen the wave sound, relax ~

Till here, we should have taken about 30 minutes, if the whole trip just need about 1 hour, that means the pier is just 30 minutes away.

So, here we go again.
Nice view.

Smile & keep walking ~
It's getting tough ! It's so steep ! 
Fuh ~ fuh ~ almost there.. keep walking ~ 
Just about to breath in and take a rest, head up, and see ..... 
I did not expect this ... ... ... 
Can  you see the tiny people up there ! More to go ! 
In fact, that 1 hour stated in the travel guide book has just begun. 
Fuhhh ~ 
Finally downhill ? No ~ I was just back walking ~ >.< ~
We were glad that the weather was cooling and breezy,
although the journey was quite tough, we enjoyed it much.

Nice view from here, it's worth for the hiking then.

A resting area for hikers. 
Here comes the path, make your choice ~

We skip the Lamma windmills and head for Sok Kwu Wan. A yummy dinner shall awaits us ~

Till then, still walking ...
We pass by people that sell honey ~

Pass by a farm ~

 Pass by a souvenir shop ~

Pass by a doggie's toilet ~

And...we see some hope -- the fisherman village ~ we are near !

*Dragging legs* keep walking ~

Ahh.. little bit more, pass by a temple ~

Finally ~ here we are !!! *happy*

Rainbow Seafood Restaurant, one of the largest restaurant in Lamma Island.
Highly recommended by traveller.

We ordered the set for 2. Price is reasonable.
Please note that '109' is not the price amount. 
 Set menu include :-
(1) Fried Sotong
(2) Garlic Steam Scallops
(3) Butter baked Lobster
(4) Steam Fish
(5) Vegetable
(6) Fried Rice
(7) Fruits

Yum ~ yum ~ yum ~
(mission 3 on going #14)

And it's come with free passes for ferry back to mainland.

Cold and windy night.

Goodbye Sok Kwu Wan.
Goodbye Lamma Island.