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Pear of the Orient - Hong Kong | Chapter 3

27 January 2013, Sunday

Yesterday was exhausted. Great thing about free and easy trip is we could rest as much as we wanted to.

Today's breakfast, super famous dim sum specialist - Tim Ho Wan.

We reached there around 10am. There were lots of people blocking the entrance, we hardly squeezed in to get a queue number. Can't remember what number we got, but we have waited for about 2 hours.
Breakfast become brunch.

 It was a Sunday, the neighbours' shops were close on that day, therefore we have a place to sit down and wait (yea, infront of people's shop).
For the first time, I've fell asleep at the roadside (with saliva dripping.. LOL!!!)

After a long queue, finally, here's our turn ! See the time, it's already 12p.m, we almost hungry till death. Is it worth for the waiting ??

Here I present you the
(mission 3 on going #11)

All dim sum were freshly steam, and only allow to add order for ONE time (YES! ONE TIME ONLY!) So,…