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Monday, May 20, 2013

Kpop Dance #7 : Bad Girl by Ladies' Code

Song Title : Bad Girl  |  Artist : Ladies' Code

A brand new girl group debuted on 7 March 2013 with their lead song -- Bad Girl. 

Nice song with attractive choreography. 

Check this out :-

First dance that we learn in high heels, not a problem for me.
But to my young classmates, it's a challenge to them.
Well, they adapt it quickly though. *claps*

This choreography is not very hard to learn, many repetition, nice ending!

  But hard for me to end nicely ~ hahaha ~

Pearl of the Orient - Hong Kong | Chapter 4

28 January 2013, Monday. 

It's the 4th day since we step on Hong Kong land. 
It's Monday, we chose today to visit one of the Hong Kong must visit theme park - OCEAN PARK.
Hoping that not so crowded since it was a working day. 
Well, let me bring you to Ocean Park Hong Kong today !

First and foremost, energized up with a nutritious breakfast !
Chicken poridge with yao char guai ! *thumbs up*
The shop just located right in front of our guest house - Fu Kei Zhuk Pan

Nom ~ nom ~ nom ~ energy UP ! UP ! UP !
(mission 3 on going #15)

After breakfast, we headed to the bus station for Ocean Park.
Although it was a Monday, but look at the crowd ! Long queue ! 

Fortunately, the bus services are very efficient, we could get on a bus quickly.

The MTR is still under construction, it will be much easier later to reach Ocean Park by MTR.

So, here we are ! Ocean Park Hong Kong !

Welcome by the Sea Lion.

Ocean Park, of course here for ocean's creature.
Many different type of ocean's creatures stay in this big aquarium. The diver was cleaning the tank.

Main mission of today's trip - Visit Jia Jia and An An -- The giant panda !
Pandas are mingle in the park! 
Here's the real Pandas !

 If the panda stay in the room, we will only able to see them through this CCTV screen.

But we are lucky enough to see the real panda having their meal.
It's so cute, just like a giant soft toy munching their favourite bamboo.

Mission 2 : Visit Jia Jia and An An -- The Giant Panda (Mission Accomplished!)

After visiting the giant panda, we proceed to a restaurant nearby to have our lunch !
Panda pau was found here ! Cute, but taste is just so so.

An old Hong Kong Street is located right opposite the Panda Restaurant.
Many old stuff could be found here.
Let's go ! Move faster ! 
Many of these building were seen in old Hong Kong movies/drama.

Tradition of Hongkies.

Old time double decker tram.


Before leaving to another part of Ocean Park...

Sshhh ~ it's Jack's birthday today, I've specially arrange Mr. Crocodile to wish him...

Panda wishes him have a healthy and peaceful years ahead !

haha.. a childhood dream finally achieved? Spent your birthday in Ocean Park !


Proceed to train station for a ride to the other part of Ocean Park.
With some lighting effect during the journey, makes you feel like you are going through the sea.

Here's for the dolphin show !

Hello Penguins !

Swim like a plane - Seals

Before leaving, took a ride on Ocean Park Tower to have a panorama view of whole park.

That's end our journey in Ocean Park.

The sun had already gone down, time for dinner.
We took a cab to Temple Street to look for food.

Was trying to find the yummy claypot rice that we had 5 years ago.
Searching everywhere, nothing similar found.

Stop by a herbal tea shop and ask for direction.

We were directed to a shop which located 2 streets away, ahhh.. tired ~!

Finally, here we are.
Unfortunately, we could not locate the previous shop.
Claypot rice with some side orders.

(mission 3 on going #15)

Another tired day in Hong Kong has passed...