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Pearl of the Orient - Hong Kong | Chapter 5

29 January 2013, Tuesday.

5th day in Hong Kong. 
Body was getting tired. Day by day, energy loosing, is this a sign of aged? 
Well, this reflect the different of lifestyle in Hong Kong and Malaysia.
City life, indeed tiring. 

Last two days in Hong Kong, we had achieved our main missions for this trip. 
Therefore, we will just take our own sweet time for the remaining hours.

Woke up late as try to replenish energy. Yet, still feel tired. 
Drag ourself to nearest restaurant to have a simple breakfast. 

Warm soya with freshly cook Yao Char Guai. Nicely fill up my empty tummy.
(mission 3 on going #16)

Today's plan: 
1) Loong Kee Wan Tan Mee 
2) Sky 100
3) Golden Bauhinia Square
4) The Peak

As Loong Kee Wan Tan Mee just nearby our hostel. We took a rest after breakfast. 
Waited till lunch hour and we proceed to Loong Kee to have the Wan Tan Mee that we longed for.

I had a spicy beef noodle. Yummy!
From Left : Spicy Beef Noodle, Pork Knuckle Noodle, Fried Fish Skin
(mission 3 on going #17)

After lunch we proceed to Golden Bauhinia Square, a must visit landmark in Hong Kong. 
Again, we took MTR and walk a long way to reach the landmark. *tired*

Okay, here we are. Say cheese ~ *chak*

The Golden Bauhinia Square located at harbour front of The Hong Kong & Exhibition Centre. 

Next destination -- Sky 100. As you can see the tallest building in below picture. 
The most left building is the 100 storeys buiding.

After resting our feet for a while, began our journey to Sky 100. 

*cheng cheng cheng* Here we are !
The tickets to the sky.
The staff were so nice, we were escorted to take a lift, sort of a private one, just the 2 of us, to the sky ~

Once coming out from the lift, you are stepping on Hong Kong. 

and.. tadaa ~ 
the overview of Hong Kong City.
hmm... congested isn't it. 
No. 4 in The Ten Tallest Commercial Buildings in The World. Our KLCC is just right behind.

Photos for memorable visit. 

Chill and relax at the cafeteria area. 

Time flies, Sun is going down while we leaving the building. 

Got to catch up our next destination -- The Peak. 

We took a bus instead of a tram to avoid a long queue. 

The journey took about 40 minutes to reach The Peak. 
It's a great experience as we no longer taking bus back in our own country nowadays. 

The old time tram is display at the entrance of The Peak, and its operate as a Visitor Centre. 
Friendly staff in there. 

Dinner time! Japanese fine dining. 
The atmosphere was really romantic, enjoy good food with stunning night view. 

After dinner, took a walk to the viewing spot. Nothing has change here since our last visit. 

Later we found out there's something new has been build - a higher viewing point. 
Not many visitors at this point, mostly locals. Enjoy the breezy nights. *cold*

Look at the crowd for the tram, we decided to took a bus down town too.

A leisure day has ended. This shall be the last night stay in Hong Kong. 

I will miss the weather like this.. 


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