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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pearl of the Orient - Hong Kong | Chapter 6 (The End)

30 January 2013, Wednesday

It's the 6th and last day in Hong Kong, discovery of the Pearl of the Orient will be ended by today. 

Look back to the past 5 days, we do have a great journey to see the different faces of Hong Kong. 

Check it out here : - 

As we have already completed our main mission, 

Mission 1 : Ride on the Duk Ling -- the 1980s classic fisherman's boat (Completed!)
Mission 2 : Visit Jia Jia and An An -- the giant panda (Completed !)
Mission 3 : Taste the wonderful Hong Kong's food ! 
(well, this will be continuous as there are too many good food here !)

we shall continue looks for the delicious Hong Kong's food then!

Did some research back in Kuala Lumpur earlier, a theme restaurant that we would like to visit. 
So, we headed there for breakfast. 

Here! Guess the theme!

I guess you have figure out what's the theme. 

Yup ! Batman's in the town ! 

Herocross Cafe
Shop 38, G/F, Chung King Mansion, 36-44 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. 

Assorted flavour of chocolates and cakes with Batman's theme is selling here. 

This cafe serves western food and beverage. 

Well, this meal is not related to Hong Kong's local food, hence, we were here for Batman. *smile*

Annexed to shop, Batman related display and merchandise are available here too.


After breakfast.

Look at the research done earlier, we headed for the famous Wan Tan Mee.

When we reached the destination, couldn't find any sign of the shop.
It seems like the shop has moved to else where.


Then, we saw this cute little Mobile Softee, an ice cream van!
Somehow, it brighten my day again although we did not try any of the ice cream.

Continue searching for the shop location through internet, then we realize that the shop located pretty far from where we are right now.

Well, we still have plenty of time to go around Hong Kong.


Here we go~

We even asked a policeman for the shop location.

Finally ~ here we are !
"Lao Sam Kei Noodle House" (Mission 3 on going #18)

This shop had visited and recommended by the World Famous Hong Kong God of Cookery, Chua Lam. 

A tiny kitchen that cook yummy noodle.

They provide pickled radish too. *yummy*

The famous Wan Tan Mee top with dried prawns.

We added a stewed pork knuckle too. *yummy*yummy*

Some interesting conversation happened during our meal.

Remember there is a bottle of pickled radish on the table, it was facing me and our table was sharing with two middle age ladies.

Lady 1 : (talking to Lady 2) Where is the pickled radish?
(Before Lady 2 answer. I handed the bottle) I said : you want this ?
Lady 1 : Thank you.
Lady 1 : (Talk to Lady 2) So nice of them, it's hard to have such a polite youngster nowadays.
Lady 2 : (Agree) many of them are selfish.
(Me and Jack smile at them, well, we are friendly, haha)

Is that means that Hong Kong youngsters are no manners? Well, it's very subjective.


After a satisfactory meal.

We headed to one of the tourist spot - 1881 Heritage.

A "Bear Theme" heritage.
The two giant bears. 
And some little bears. 
1881 Heritage was the headquarters of the Hong Kong Marine Police.
It has now transform into a heritage hotel.

This historical building is a famous place for pre-wedding photo shooting.
I can easily see 4 or 5 couples during our visit.

It was a chill evening, resting ourself at the hotel cafeteria.

Enjoy a cup of coffee and freshly baked scone.

This is life.

*Love . Peace*


Stopped by at Hsu Liu Shan dessert while walking back to hostel to get our luggage.

(Why those selling in Malaysia is not as tasty as this!?)


At Hong Kong International Airport, night flight.

Goodbye Hong Kong.


Rachel & Jack is home !

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Kpop Dance #10 : Give It To Me by Sistar

Song Title : Give It To Me | Artist : Sistar

Sistar is back ! 

This is the 3rd dance of Sistar that we have learned. 

Sistar never fail to impress me. The song, the music video, the dance, FANTASTIC!

SISTAR -- my favorite Kpop group, a group of 4 pretty, sexy babes.

Hyorin - Leader, main vocalist. Powerful vocal ! 

Bora - Main rapper. Unique voice !

Soyou - Lead vocalist.

Dasom - Vocalist. Youngest in the group with a nick name of snow white.

"Give It To Me" had been the winner for 3 weeks in a row in the M.CountDown Chart. 

Check out their sexy music video and alluring stage performance !

And, of course, the mirror dance of the choreography, enjoy!

Kind of easy to learn this, have fun ! 

Kpop Dance #9 : Jeon Won Diary by T-ara N4

Song Title : Jeon Won Diary | Artist : T-ara N4

When I first saw this poster and preview of the music video, I just feel that can't wait for the full version ! 

T-ara N4 is a new sub-unit of T-ara girls group. Form by 4 members of T-ara girls group.

Eun Jung




Initially see the full version of the music video, felt disappointed as the song is not very nice and choreography is a bit weird.

Along the way we learn the dance, I have slowly fall in love with the song. The choreography is fun too !

Check this out !

It's not very hard to learn, just enjoy and have fun !