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Kpop Dance #21 : Touch My Body by Sistar

Song Title : Touch My Body
Artist : Sistar
Yay! Another song from my favorite kpop group. 
Surprise every time they came back with a new album. 
This time, summer theme! So much fun in their choreography. 
And, interesting music video. 
Sexy and fun !  

Kpop Dance #20 : Short Hair by AOA

Song Title : Short Hair
Group Artist : AOA
Finally, new song, new dance. 
After 2 months practicing the same song, same dance (for performance). Finally, we get to learn a new dance. 
Quite a catchy song, nice choreography though. And, nice music video. ^.^

We learnt and performed this dance together with Whatcha Doin' Today by 4 Minute on Mustang The Smoke'D Vol 6 group showcase competition. 
Here's the dance mirror practice :-

Kpop Dance #19 : Whatcha Doin' Today by 4 Minute

Song Title : Whatcha Doin' Today
Group Artist : 4 Minute
Been busy about practicing for performance and competition. Didn't really update the new dance that learnt up recently. 
We learned this dance purely just for performance. The second song right after Mr.Mr. by SNSD that we performed previously. 
Therefore, we didn't learn up the whole dance. Just part of it, and part was modified by teacher for our performance. 
Here's the mirror dance practice : -

WHAT!? Not Performance but Competition!

Well, well ~ here we go again. 
I thought it was just a performance, just like what we did before, but it's NOT ! 
30th August 2014 is the date. Cheras Leisuremall is the place. 
Initially I feel like pulling out after few practices once I found out that it's not meant for performance. Yet, my lovely team mates were so brave and encouraging. So, we still go on! 
1 month time to practice, but not everyday, and the time and day was hard to arrange to get everybody together for the practice. 
Of course, we manage to finish up the formation in time. Thanks to teacher SueYin. But, we need more practices to brush up the dance moves. 
Well, the date has come. Just do it babeh ~ 
The stage.

This was the first in my life stage competition. This competition was meant for junior dancer, an opportunity for them to stand on stage, feel the crowd. Organised by Mustang Dance Studio incorporation The Smoke'D Vol. 6. 
erm.. yea.. I am junior. LOL ! surrounded by all kids and youngsters. S…

Performance! Performance! Performance!

Haha ~ suddenly so many performance after the 1st showcase at the Famine 30Hour DIY Camp. 
We were inform just a week before this showcase at SMK Seri Sentosa. Was happy that everybody able to join this performance! ColourS gonna reunion again! (actually just 2 weeks after the first showcase.. lol!)
Well, since no time to learn a new dance, we gonna use the same song again, same performance. The difference is, we gonna perform together with other mustang crew and the teachers !! *excited* XD
It was an event by scout at SMK Seri Sentosa, a camp fire event. We didn't expect that the event was so big, and the vice headmaster was there too, sitting right infront of the stage, with a not so friendly face. >.<
When we were there, the event already started, we were just part of the performance only. Lion dance and dragon dance were doing their performance as we all been seated at the audience seats. 
Not long after their performance, it's our turn! It happen that the DIY stage…

Dance Performance Again!

Wuah ~ !!!
Just 2 days after our performance at Famine 30 hours DIY Camp, teacher Sue Yin informed us that we have another showcase on 30th August 2014 !! 
This time will be separated in 2 groups, so no more ColourS. 
5SeCond will be having an individual dance performance, this time, I will be joining in the group, be part of 5SeCond, but Meixin has pulled out for this showcase as she needs to concentrate in her final exam. 
This showcase is consist of Mustang Smoke Vol. 6 events, this time they do it quit big ! And, it is an open competition events! Dancer from all over places will be registering as participant. Fortunately, we will just be representing Mustang to have an showcase. 
We have decided to dance a new song -- Short Hair by AOA and mix with Whatcha doin today by 4minutes. 
Not much time left, and we need to learn up the new dance, new choreography, new routine. 
5SeCond Fighting !

My First Dancing Stage Performance

Haha ! It's came true ! 
Remember the last post I said teacher gonna train us to perform at Famine 30-hours DIY camp event, 19 July 2014 is the date ! 
After 2 months of practice, sometime the feeling of disappointment and frustration is unavoidable. 
Disappoint of some of the member couldn't make it for practice, it's a 10 members crew, we need team's cooperation to run out a full routine, but then, most of the time the team were not complete! 
Frustrated of some of the member couldn't came to an agreement of the attire that we should put on on the actual show day. 
Well, those has all been passed. We did have a show show on the night. 
Ohya, I named the team as -- ColourS! Lol.. well, teacher agreed on that too. hehe ~ 
So, here I present to you ~

ColourS ! 

And here's the performance,

Thanks teacher Sue Yin for training us, everybody put efforts on the show too. Although it was not a perfect show, but we do have fun !

Love you girls !

Fighting ColourS! 

Kpop Dance #18 : Mr. Mr by SNSD

歌名 :Mr. Mr. 
歌手(组合):Girl's Generation a.k.a SNSD

续2013年的 I Got A Boy, SNSD 今年以超帅的形象带这 Mr. Mr. 出发。 
当然, 她们还是漂亮动人的 Girl's Generation. 

又是一首复杂的舞蹈, 光看都一头雾水, 还好。。 
有老师! 哈哈~ 整个舞蹈都学成啦! 
老师还说要把我们带到“饥饿30”表演, 哈! 看着办吧 ~

Mr. Mr ~ Mr. Mr. ~ 

Kpop Dance #17 : Something by Girl's Day

歌名 :Something
歌手(组合) :Girl's Day
最近K-pop的女生组合都走性感路线。 Sistar, Miss A, 4 Minutes, Girl's Day 也来分一杯羹。
味道是有啦, 可是舞步怎么有点怪怪的。 
没办法, 老师选的, 学咯。 还蛮好玩啦。 哈哈。。

Kpop Dance #16 : No. 9 by T-ara

歌名 :No. 9
歌手(组合) : T-ara
好了, 这个舞蹈, 大家都开始归队了。
试也考完了, 赛也比完了, 班恢复了。 
开始的时候我不是很喜欢这个舞, 歌是蛮好听的, 蛮有劲, 可是舞步总是怪怪的。
哈哈。。 过后还是爱上了它,因为这舞步还真的蛮简单的。

Kpop Dance #15 : Wild by Nine Muses

歌名 :Wild
歌手(组合) :Nine Muses
来了, 来了, 一首看起来很难学的舞蹈。 
其实, 老师要我们拿这首歌去参加比赛的,老师做评判哦。

看起来很复杂hor .. 有难度, 有机会可以胜出。。 
结果, 没有一个人要参加。。 
不要啦, 比赛很大压力的, 我们在这儿跳跳, 多开心, 多enjoy, 
多fun! XD

Kpop Dance #14 : Genie by SNSD

歌名 :Genie
歌手(组合) :Girl's Generation a.k.a SNSD
这首歌还真够旧了, 这应该是SNSD 的第二张专辑, 2009 年发行的。 算回去也有5年了! 
原来, SNSD 们也老了! 哈哈。。 可是还是一样的红。 
好了, 说回这个舞蹈吧。 是继Dr. Feel Good 后学的, 只学一半,不! 是学前面的一小段而已。 哈哈。。 
老师咯, 都没好好的准备要教的舞。 
一, 是她忙比赛。 二, 是同学们也忙考试, 都没来上课。 
虽然这首曲子有五年之久, 可是还是一样好听, 舞蹈又好看。:)