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Monday, August 4, 2014

Dance Performance Again!

Wuah ~ !!!

Just 2 days after our performance at Famine 30 hours DIY Camp, teacher Sue Yin informed us that we have another showcase on 30th August 2014 !! 

This time will be separated in 2 groups, so no more ColourS. 

5SeCond will be having an individual dance performance, this time, I will be joining in the group, be part of 5SeCond, but Meixin has pulled out for this showcase as she needs to concentrate in her final exam. 

This showcase is consist of Mustang Smoke Vol. 6 events, this time they do it quit big ! And, it is an open competition events! Dancer from all over places will be registering as participant. Fortunately, we will just be representing Mustang to have an showcase. 

We have decided to dance a new song -- Short Hair by AOA and mix with Whatcha doin today by 4minutes. 

Not much time left, and we need to learn up the new dance, new choreography, new routine. 

5SeCond Fighting ! 

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