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Monday, August 4, 2014

Performance! Performance! Performance!

Haha ~ suddenly so many performance after the 1st showcase at the Famine 30Hour DIY Camp. 

We were inform just a week before this showcase at SMK Seri Sentosa. Was happy that everybody able to join this performance! ColourS gonna reunion again! (actually just 2 weeks after the first showcase.. lol!)

Well, since no time to learn a new dance, we gonna use the same song again, same performance. The difference is, we gonna perform together with other mustang crew and the teachers !! *excited* XD

It was an event by scout at SMK Seri Sentosa, a camp fire event. We didn't expect that the event was so big, and the vice headmaster was there too, sitting right infront of the stage, with a not so friendly face. >.<

When we were there, the event already started, we were just part of the performance only. Lion dance and dragon dance were doing their performance as we all been seated at the audience seats. 

Not long after their performance, it's our turn! It happen that the DIY stage was not big enough to fit 10 of us, so we gotta dance at the ground. 

And, here we go  ~

The ground was rough, everyone felt the same. It's hard for us to dance comfortably. And the sound systems was bad, real bad. *sigh*

But then, we do have a good show ! 

ColourS Rock !! 

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