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Thursday, September 18, 2014

WHAT!? Not Performance but Competition!

Well, well ~ here we go again. 

I thought it was just a performance, just like what we did before, but it's NOT ! 

30th August 2014 is the date. Cheras Leisuremall is the place. 

Initially I feel like pulling out after few practices once I found out that it's not meant for performance. Yet, my lovely team mates were so brave and encouraging. So, we still go on! 

1 month time to practice, but not everyday, and the time and day was hard to arrange to get everybody together for the practice. 

Of course, we manage to finish up the formation in time. Thanks to teacher SueYin. But, we need more practices to brush up the dance moves. 

Well, the date has come. Just do it babeh ~ 

The stage.

This was the first in my life stage competition. This competition was meant for junior dancer, an opportunity for them to stand on stage, feel the crowd. Organised by Mustang Dance Studio incorporation The Smoke'D Vol. 6. 

erm.. yea.. I am junior. LOL ! surrounded by all kids and youngsters. So many great dancer out there ! 

I was excited and nervous, but I think its fun! With my team mates, in a same dress code, we are .. 

5SeCond ! 

and here's our performance.. 

Not a very good one, but we had fun! It's an exciting experience ! 

Thank you teacher and my team mates for making this happened ! 


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