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Gila Trip 2015 @ Pulau Perhentian

The most anticipate trip of year 2015!!!
Gila Trip @ Pulau Perhentian!


Location : Pulau Perhentian Kecil Stay : Matahari Divers Chalet Duration : 4 Days 3 Nights Date : 31 July 2015 - 3 August 2015 Activities : Snorkeling, Diving, Get Crazyyyyy  ~~ !! 

Day 1 Early morning already gone crazy during breakfast at airport. XD

Then Sidney & Kevin join in. XD XD

Of course, we never forget our Shark Agency President ~ 

And, here we goooo ~~ 
Since Sean is coming 1 hour later than us, so we gotta wait for him, but we never leave him behind. XD

Arrival of the legendary Sean Shark..

Rented a minivan cost RM150 from Kota Bharu Airport to Kuala Besut jetty. This was not very easy, as we had been told that it should be quit easy to get a taxi/minivan at airport. The fact was, yes, taxi is pretty easy to hire, it cost RM78/taxi. As we have 9 of us, which means we have to spend RM234…

Thirty-Two Birthday Celebration

This year, I had a VERY HAPPY birthday. ^__^
Yep. I managed to booked a room in Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi for a night. A short getaway and treats for my birthday. 
I was anticipating for this trip, therefore I didn't expect much on the eve. 
As usual, settle all my work before I go on leave, eventhough just a real short trip. After work, reached home, Jack was welcoming me home and wanna rush me to go out for dinner. But, I've already prepare to fried rice from yesterday leftover rice. This must be finish before I go on trip too. I rather spend money during our trip than have an expensive meal on the eve. Then he was like so helpful to help me to take out stuff from the fridge, from an angle, I saw a cake box. hehe.. i keep quiet. (sshh.. it's a surprise! haha..)
There goes our dinner on my eve. 
Before go to bed, he told me that he had to work tomorrow. I was upset as I thought he already allocate the full day for me.  
Next morning, he rushed to finish up the job, …

发妈, 一路好走。

二零一五年, 六月, 二十七日。 晴。 
今天, 一个突如其来的电话, 使得原本计划好的榴莲之约搁置了。 
大约上午十点半左右, 发仔打了通电话来, 我没接到。 打回去, 他像平时一样, 问我有没有上班 (明明就知道我周末没上班的), 还以为他休息, 还想约他一起去吃榴莲。 
没想到的, 下一句他竟然说:我妈去世了。 
吓!!??? 我吓得好大一声。 怎么了!!???
当他叙说这事情经过, 我还挺理智的, 就告诉他我马上就回来。然后就拨电话给妈和姐。 
和姐通完电话后, 我仿佛才搞清楚到底发生什么事了。 情绪开始失控, 眼泪不听使唤的涌着出来。 过后, 还想问一问美欣要不要一起回去, 那通电话差一点就崩溃了。 就随便问一问, 不要去就算了。 放下电话后, 决堤了。 
血管爆裂。 突如其来的。。走了。
今天, 发妈养的狗狗, 平时超凶猛的, 今天的它, 静静的坐在一个角落。 不做一声。 它, 也感应到了吗?
晚上, 去到灵堂, 上了香。 走到棺木前, 还没看到遗容,心一酸,失控了, 泪水鼻涕涌着来。 发妈, 上了个美妆, 睡得好甜, 好甜。 
情绪一度失控, 抱着发姐, 顫抖的说了一声:节哀。
走到发仔面前, 还真想抱着他大哭一场。可是现场都很平静, 我也得收拾心情了。
发妈, 很慈祥的睡去了。
第二天, 是时候送发妈最后一程了。 搭上这班单程飞机, 环游世界去了。 
等着他们处理手续之于, 哥说了一句: 发仔从今以后正式长大了, 妈咪不在了, 所有事情得自己做了。 说完, 我又决堤了。
一路送着发妈上路, 崩溃了。 我一直跟自己说: pull yourself together! I gotta pull myself together. 可是当眼神投射在发仔的脚上, 看见大家一步一步的送走发妈, 还是心酸无比, 难舍难离啊~ 
那是我最后一次崩溃了, 也够了, 願安息, 一路好走。 
人生无常, 珍惜眼前人, 活在当下。 因为, 每个人手上的那张单程机票不知何时生效。

Kpop Dance #30 : Intro by The Ark

Artist : The Ark
Song Title : Intro (for The Light)
Another new group debuted. About same time as CLC but totally different style. 
The Ark - focus on hip-hop dance and each of them has strong vocal. 
Great dancer and singer = perfect performer! 
Here's the mirror dance practice version, 

This dance just as short as 1 minutes 11 second, but yet, we are not going to finish this dance.. cuz.. teacher sue yin decided to drop this. W.H.Y ~~~ T__T ~~ 
it's okay, i think i roughly get the choreography by looking at the dance repeatedly. 
HA! i got it ! 

Kpop Dance Cover - CLC - Pepe

jeng jeng jeng ~~ 
here comes the cover dance video after a long waiting..

myself find this dance is quite easy to learn, and great editing credited to teacher Marvin. 
Wish to have more chances to do cover dance! 

2014 Family Trip @ Langkawi

Time to record some of my memories before it faded off (also means that before getting old and forgetful! LOL)
Alright, throw back a family trip that we had last year, 2014.. err.. which month liao.. hmm.. *check back* ..
okay! 25th October 2014! lol.. see, didn't blog there and then, now like that lor.. but that period of time memang malas want write.. lol..
Alright, back to topic! 
A 3 days 2 nights trip to Langkawi, consider 2 families, mine and jack's. Which is, myself, mom, sis, boy, meixin, hon, jack and his dad. 8 of us. When do booking of AirAsiaGo, meixin and hon was last minutes join in, therefore the hotel arrangement is abit mess up then. End up, I put 3 girls a room , 3 boys a room, then me and jack 1 room. Just nice. 

Morning flight on 25th October 2014, lets go ! 
Didn't take much photos during this trip, base on my fading memories, once reach Langkawi, we went for breakfast. Initially I did some research online, and wanted to try some nice nasi lemak wi…