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Kpop Dance #22-27

Hahaha~ when I type the Post Title, I only can "hahaha", this means I haven't been writing here for a Looooooooooong  time! 
Well, what make me to come back here today? -- Hokkaido, I came back to find my Hokkaido Trip memories.. ahh ~ that was so good, and, that because of my colleagues are going hokkaido this year July, keep bugging me about Hokkaido, ahhh ~ really miss it so much!
Okay. Back on update on my Kpop dance. Its really been a long time, I almost forgot which songs I learned, I tried my best to remember by browsing the mirror dance video on my handphone, I got it but still can't remember the sequence of learning. Which first!!??? mulaeyo!! >.<
So, here's the dances I learned for the past few months, eversince after "Touch My Body" back in October 2014. 
#22 Mamma Mia by KARA

I recommended this song to teacher, I see it kind of like her style, a lot of wacking moves, so she taken this suggestion. 

#23 I'm In Love by SECRET

This one …