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2014 Family Trip @ Langkawi

Time to record some of my memories before it faded off (also means that before getting old and forgetful! LOL)
Alright, throw back a family trip that we had last year, 2014.. err.. which month liao.. hmm.. *check back* ..
okay! 25th October 2014! lol.. see, didn't blog there and then, now like that lor.. but that period of time memang malas want write.. lol..
Alright, back to topic! 
A 3 days 2 nights trip to Langkawi, consider 2 families, mine and jack's. Which is, myself, mom, sis, boy, meixin, hon, jack and his dad. 8 of us. When do booking of AirAsiaGo, meixin and hon was last minutes join in, therefore the hotel arrangement is abit mess up then. End up, I put 3 girls a room , 3 boys a room, then me and jack 1 room. Just nice. 

Morning flight on 25th October 2014, lets go ! 
Didn't take much photos during this trip, base on my fading memories, once reach Langkawi, we went for breakfast. Initially I did some research online, and wanted to try some nice nasi lemak wi…

Kpop Dance #29 : Pepe by CLC

Song Title : Pepe

Group : CLC

A brand new girl group debuted on 19 March 2015. CLC stand for Crystal Clear.

The debuted with a cute but not childish song -- Pepe.

It's fun to dance!

Sueyin decided to play a formation for this song for dance cover. As usual, not the whole song. 
We did it, but the video still not out yet till now. Marvin must be working hard on it, maybe we dance too bad. 
Let's see. XD