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2014 Family Trip @ Langkawi

Time to record some of my memories before it faded off (also means that before getting old and forgetful! LOL)
Alright, throw back a family trip that we had last year, 2014.. err.. which month liao.. hmm.. *check back* ..


okay! 25th October 2014! lol.. see, didn't blog there and then, now like that lor.. but that period of time memang malas want write.. lol..

Alright, back to topic! 

A 3 days 2 nights trip to Langkawi, consider 2 families, mine and jack's. Which is, myself, mom, sis, boy, meixin, hon, jack and his dad. 8 of us. When do booking of AirAsiaGo, meixin and hon was last minutes join in, therefore the hotel arrangement is abit mess up then. End up, I put 3 girls a room , 3 boys a room, then me and jack 1 room. Just nice. 

Morning flight on 25th October 2014, lets go ! 

Didn't take much photos during this trip, base on my fading memories, once reach Langkawi, we went for breakfast. Initially I did some research online, and wanted to try some nice nasi lemak with nice ambience, ended up, it didnt please my sis and the menu seems like changed already. So, we went to next door and had some mamak's food. Roti canai, nasi campur, etc. ohya.. and teh tarik! lol.. not bad though.

Then we go to one of the tourist spot, the aquarium. Been here last time when the big fishes all dead. Not recommended to visit here, but since some of them have not been here, and the truth is, nothing much in Langkawi besides water and hiking sports (which my sis will never like it), so, here we are. 

Big bro Hon & lil sis Meixin i know u see also know la.. hahah ~ 
Sealion (not the girl! behind it la~)
Sea tunnel
Suppose able to see the penguin swimming around here.. but they just stayed up there. 

Alright after finishing visit the aquarium. We headed to jetty and book for a day island hopping tour. 
As bro wish to visit the lake - Tasik Dayang Bunting, so we booked that trip. 

That trip contain a swimming session at one of the island, nice sandy beach. Then Tasik Dayang Bunting & eagle feeding. 

After purchased the day tour, we suppose to proceed to check in hotel then rush for the cable car. But in between, sis and mom said wanna buy bread or something, then jack drove to town for a shopping stop which was not in my planned schedule. Because of that, we were late to check in hotel, and late to reach for the cable car, by the time we go up there, no view can be seen but a piece of darkness, and we were rush by the worker to catch up the last trip of cable car. Sigh.. wasteful. 

Dinner, we went to a seafood restaurant which was recommended by tripadvisor. The food and price was okay. 


Next day, we drove to the jetty to proceed our package tour. 

We went to the white sandy beach, had a nice swimming and chilling session. Rented a floating object to play around with meixin. XD 

Monkeys are the owner of the island. 

Then we went to the Pulau Dayang Bunting, swim around the lake. Actually the lake was quite creepy, it looks clear but there are many seaweed down there too. 

If not remember wrongly, last trip shall be the eagle feeding. Those eagle seems already feeded, and full. Our boatman didn't feed them, but ask us to look at another boatman to feed them, which was quite a distance. 

There goes the package tour. 

Evening, as planned. I brought them to one of the tripadvisor recommended venue for a drink and sunset. No doubt, this is a nice place. But the food here is on the high side, so, we just ordered drink and a pizza. 

Yellow Cafe, Pantai Cenang

There goes the sunset, then we were separated to take a walk and find own food for dinner. As it's really hard to please everyone, especially my sis. 

We settle our dinner at old town cafe. While boy & sis was outside finding own food. 

Then, we proceed to go back to hotel. Something strange happened on the way back to hotel. When we get in the van, a beeping sound keep repeating. We thought it was some car alarm, and the car petrol was getting low, and the gps was showing us some shortcut to the nearest petrol station. The "tuutt tuutt" sound just will not subside until we reach the petrol station. When mom and sis got down the car, we found the source of the sound ! It was MOM'S PHONE! O.M.G !!! what the..... AHAHHAHAHHAHA... Everyone burst into laughter. 

At night, we had some drinking and chatting session in the Girls' Room. LOL!


Next morning, prepare to check out hotel and lepak for the day before take off to back to KL. 

Black sand beach. 

Black sand beach

Selfie time with mama. *smile*

Hot spring, another tourist spot. This was really disappointing, dirty and lack of proper maintenance, yet they trying to turn it into a spa center or something and it will be costly. 

Hot Spring

The signature of Langkawi, Eagle Square. 

Mama loves flowers. :) 

We settle our last meal in langkawi at town. 

There goes our 3D2N 2014 family trip. I shall said this was not very successful and some of the things make people frustrated. Well, wish we could have more trip like this, even frustrated but we still enjoying and be grateful of the time of togetherness. 


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