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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Gila Trip 2015 @ Pulau Perhentian

The most anticipate trip of year 2015!!!

Gila Trip @ Pulau Perhentian!



Location : Pulau Perhentian Kecil
Stay : Matahari Divers Chalet
Duration : 4 Days 3 Nights
Date : 31 July 2015 - 3 August 2015
Activities : Snorkeling, Diving, Get Crazyyyyy  ~~ !! 

Day 1
Early morning already gone crazy during breakfast at airport. XD

Then Sidney & Kevin join in. XD XD

Of course, we never forget our Shark Agency President ~ 

And, here we goooo ~~ 

Since Sean is coming 1 hour later than us, so we gotta wait for him, but we never leave him behind.

Arrival of the legendary Sean Shark..

Beach boy apek look? :P

Rented a minivan cost RM150 from Kota Bharu Airport to Kuala Besut jetty. This was not very easy, as we had been told that it should be quit easy to get a taxi/minivan at airport. The fact was, yes, taxi is pretty easy to hire, it cost RM78/taxi. As we have 9 of us, which means we have to spend RM234 in total for 3 taxi as they do not allow to take 5 person per taxi. 

Luckily, we walk around the airport and look for minivan for rental, and found one travel agency located outside of the airport that provide minivan for rental. Without second thought, we agree to rent the minivan at RM 150.00.

It's about 1 hour drive from Kota Bharu airport to Kuala Besut jetty. And, about 45 minutes boat travel to Pulau Perhentian!

As the boat is not able to reach to the shore, we have to pay RM2 each for transferring to a smaller boat to send us to the beach.

Matahari Divers & Chalet located right in the middle of Long Beach, there we go !

Sam, brief us on the 4 days 3 nights activities, and each of us have to sign an agreement for discover scuba diving.

After check in to the chalet, it's time to get crazy... kekeke~

Race Start ! Gilarun's game! XD

We draw lots to decide teams, and the results were :

Hunter Team : Jack, Sean, Fatt, Sidney & Jasmine
Gila Team : Kevin, ahBoy, Rachel & Aggie

Then we explore the island by walking to Coral Bay, it's really near, just about 10 minuts walking distance, with a proper road.

After chilling out, had some drink and rest at Coral Bay, we head back to Long Beach to start our Gilarun's game !

First game!

Chicken Fight! 
As we need a camera man, Jack it was. LoL!

Winner : Hunter Team ! 1 point.

Winner : Gila Team ! 1 point.

Thanks to Shark's revenge, winner goes to Hunter Team ! 1 point.

Game 2 : Catch Aggie's baju

Winner :
Hunter Team ! 1 point.
Gila Team ! 1 point.

Day 1 results :
Hunter Team : 3 Points
Gila Team : 2 Point

Tonight dinner at one of the restaurant at Long Beach.

Lovely moonlight.

But the food were really bad and expensive. And the service was really slow like a snail.

Before ending our day, sit on the beach, had a drink, enjoy the fire show.

Day 1, end.


Day 2


snorkeling, snorkeling, snorkeling!

Say 'EEEEE' ~ 

Let's go~~!!!

Turtle point, coral garden & shark point.

1st point, Turtle Point.

It was overly crowded. Failed to meet the cute turtle. Such a dissapointment.

2nd point, Shark Point

The current was super strong. Failed to meet the scary shark also.

Besides, everyone was exhausted to fight the current. Fatt and Jack almost couldn't make it back to boat.

I was taking care of Boy, guess he taken in too much sea water at Turtle Point as he not used to the snorkel mask and it cause him dizziness. I was dragging him all the way to find shark. But instead of finding shark, we were fighting the strong current. I just cant get rid of the big purple color coral!!! Kkrrgg..

Swim harder ~~!!! phew ~ finally make it to the boat.

*Look around*.. Fatt and Jack still far behind...

Then, we were brought to Siti Cafe located opposite Perhentian Besar.

We ordered the food and waited till each of the customer had left the restaurant and our food was still not cooked !!

But this gave Boy plenty of time to rest and recover. Even able to eat, so he decided to order "Roti Telur".

2 pcs roti kosong and fried egg in between. -- ROTI TELUR lahh ~ hahaha ~ 

Besides the awful Siti Cafe, the view from the island is pretty good.

Then we proceed to 3rd snorkeling point.

3rd point, Coral Garden.

I guess our lunch were too draggy, by the time we reach Coral Garden point, not many visitor here.

Quiet and calm sea.

Boatman drop us further from shore, and we suppose to swim to the beach while mesmerizing the beautiful coral. When nearing the beach, its really shallow, and the corals are really big. Have to be very careful to swim, straighten the full body to swim over the coral.

Guess I had used up energy at Shark Point, felt so tired. When reach to the beach, first thing in mind was -- find a shaded place, you know what I want to do...

zzzzz... haha..

Such a beautiful day.

Lie at the beach, listen to sea wave, enjoy the breezy wind,

it was ..


Snorkeling trips, ended.

Gets back to Long Beach, continue our Gilarun's games.

Protect the girls!
Rules : 2 team have to protect the girls member from being hit by the ball.

(No photo due to my hardisk problem T.T)

As the wind was too strong, it's hard to throw the light ball onto someone, then we changed the game.

Dodge ball.
Rules : Do not to hit by the ball.

(No photo due to my hardisk problem T.T)

Winner : Gila Team ! 1 point.

Next game,

Crazy Photobooth

Ah Fatt was captured!
Winner : Hunter Team ! 1 point.

Day 2 results :

Hunter Team : 1 point.
Gila Team : 1 point.

Total :

Hunter Team : 4 points.
Gila Team : 3 points.

Exhausted after the crazy games. It's time for dinner.

As we had bad experience with the restaurant at long beach, we decided to try out food at Ewan's cafe located at Coral Bay as recommended by Foursquare.

Everyone had bath except me. *smelly* 

Nice food with reasonable price here.

After dinner, we head back to Long Beach. As I need to take bath, I back to the resort while others head to the beach to catch some activity.

When I'm done washing up. Thinking to find the buddies at the beach, in fact they all having good movie time at the resort cafe, some ordered RM10 coconut. LOL!

The movie ended, tired body calling for rest.

Day 2, end.


Day 3

Back to Ewan's cafe for breakfast again.

Well, our Shark Agency President was very satisfied with this cafe.


Main activity of the trip -- Discover Scuba Diving!

11.30am gather for the lecturing lesson.

Everyone pay full attention during the class. Especially our president!

Shark was super excited nervous. LoL!

Then we go for the practical lesson.

Gear up, board on boat.


It was an awesome experience, this was my 3rd time diving. First was fantastic but lesson not learnt, 2nd was bad experience as the instructor was never care less, this time my confident is back!
Thanks to Matahari Divers' took good care of us.

We had so much fun and excited to take a diving license next time!

There's no other activity after this, so we decided to rest/sleep on the beach, it's time to sit back and enjoy.

While Sean, Kevin and Sidney were still very energetic, they borrowed snorkeling equipment and continue they finding nemo mission.

White sandy beach, clear blue sky, sunshine day, ...

We should have slept, but...

our craziness was attacking us, keep playing with the crazy equiqment. LoL!

Crazy till soak in the sea,

sleep? no way! LoL!

Then some crazy beach shot,

When the swimmers (Sean, Sidney & Kevin) returned from their finding nemo mission,
Gilarun games continue.

Balloon War!

Winner : Hunter Team ! 1 point.

Ddakji !

Only ahBoy made it! Good job !

Winner : Gila Team! 1 point.

Total :
Hunter Team : 5 points
Gila Team : 4 points

Sun's getting down, we walked to Coray Bay to catch the sunset.

We thought we couldn't make it..

We made it. *smile*

We met a group of mat salleh there who can speak mandarin as they work in China as football coach. Jasmine and Aggie was crazy for them. LoL!

Goodbye sunset.

That night, we settle our dinner at Ewan's cafe. Yes, again. LoL.

After dinner, it's was our main and final Gilarun game..

The ultimate GILARUN!

Round 1

Gila Team (seek) vs Hunter Team (hide)

Hunter Team AhFatt was successful!
Great hiding at a dark corner. But he got attacked by mosquitoes. LoL.

It's really hard to see in the dark. And some spot were really spooky.

Round 2

Hunter Team (seek) vs Gila Team (hide)

Hunter Team taken Gila Team's experience, they bring along a torch light.

Gila Team Aggie was successful !

She totally transform herself into a tree, nobody can see her. Good job!

But there's a situation after the game ended. Aggie was still not found, even we shouted her name, she just not coming out.

Everyone was nervous, and we decided to set up a team to look for her, we do not want another person get missing. It's getting serious, the atmosphere was intense.

As we getting ready for the "Find Missing Aggie" mission, she appeared! Thank god !!

Everyone was relief... and burst into laughter!


She really loves being a tree, I guess. hahaha ~

Actually, this game is really dangerous, as we do not have proper organiser for the game. Unlike the game show, they have a group of people preparing the game with consideration of the safety and people standby there just in case any issue occur. At least, the players were not alone, the VJ be with them all the time. LoL.

Okay, that's conclude our Gilarun Games.

Total Results :

Hunter Team : 6 points
Gila Team : 5 points

Final Winner : Hunter Team !!!

(Everyone was exhausted, so no photos here.. LoL!)


(PS: There were some mini games in between like "Catch The Shark" cardsgame & .. cant remember.. LOL!!.. Anyway, we had fun ! XD)


The day has ended.

But not the night!

Beach party !!! Crazy babies gone wild !!!!
(without drink, just a sip of 100plus, LoL.)

Jasmine & Aggie were at peek of excitement when we met the football coach mat salleh at the party!

Dance till we got tired, then we said goodnight.

Day 3, end.


Day 4

Woke up in a rainy morning. It was cooling, this chill us up as we were saying goodbye to this lovely beach.

It's time to back to reality.

Goodbye Pulau Perhentian.

Gila Trip, to be continue...

All Photos & video credited to ALL Gilas Member.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Thirty-Two Birthday Celebration

This year, I had a VERY HAPPY birthday. ^__^

Photo credit to Sky Arts Productions
Yep. I managed to booked a room in Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi for a night. A short getaway and treats for my birthday. 

I was anticipating for this trip, therefore I didn't expect much on the eve. 

As usual, settle all my work before I go on leave, eventhough just a real short trip. After work, reached home, Jack was welcoming me home and wanna rush me to go out for dinner. But, I've already prepare to fried rice from yesterday leftover rice. This must be finish before I go on trip too. I rather spend money during our trip than have an expensive meal on the eve. Then he was like so helpful to help me to take out stuff from the fridge, from an angle, I saw a cake box. hehe.. i keep quiet. (sshh.. it's a surprise! haha..)

There goes our dinner on my eve. 

Before go to bed, he told me that he had to work tomorrow. I was upset as I thought he already allocate the full day for me.  

Next morning, he rushed to finish up the job, then I felt at ease abit. 

About 12pm, we departed to Bukit Tinggi.

Weather was nice. In deed, Colmar Tropicale is a beautiful place. I love the serenity environment, perhaps because it's on a weekday.

We checked in to hotel, then took a walk at the little French village, snap photos.

Then we proceed to Japanese village.

We walked in to a Japanese restaurant, had a nice meal there. There's no other customer except us. I guess it was almost closing time.

The Japanese village is very small as well. There is botanical garden with a man-made river.

The Japanese village close at 6pm. The guard started to chase people to catch the last shuttle bus. There was a couple were refused to obey as he keeps saying that their limousine was on the way and insisted  to be waited at where he stand. Somehow the guard were helpless because the young couple doesn't  look like they can afford to have a vip limousine . Just a few seconds later, the limousine reached. The couple get in the car with a real bad face. Lol!

We walked down to get our car and back to the little Colmar village. I guess the couple was going back to their palace, an 5 star luxury spa hotel - The Chateau sitted right opposite the village. Jack tried to turn in to The Chateau to take a look, but stopped by the guard. "Bonjour, bonjour, no visitor allow." Lol! Okay, we made a u-turn.

We go back to hotel and celebrate. :D

When night fall, the village atmosphere is really romantic. 

We had a romantic candle light dinner too. Tasty, but just too salty. LoL!

There goes my birthday celebration..

Next day, was my dancing teacher's birthday, our dance mates celebrate our birthday together!

Thanks so much for the cakes and presents! 

Few days later, another celebration with best friends. 

Photo credit to Sky Arts Productions
Love you all! 

I'm blessed to have you all on my 32 birthday! Appreciate much! ^_^