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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Thirty-Two Birthday Celebration

This year, I had a VERY HAPPY birthday. ^__^

Photo credit to Sky Arts Productions
Yep. I managed to booked a room in Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi for a night. A short getaway and treats for my birthday. 

I was anticipating for this trip, therefore I didn't expect much on the eve. 

As usual, settle all my work before I go on leave, eventhough just a real short trip. After work, reached home, Jack was welcoming me home and wanna rush me to go out for dinner. But, I've already prepare to fried rice from yesterday leftover rice. This must be finish before I go on trip too. I rather spend money during our trip than have an expensive meal on the eve. Then he was like so helpful to help me to take out stuff from the fridge, from an angle, I saw a cake box. hehe.. i keep quiet. (sshh.. it's a surprise! haha..)

There goes our dinner on my eve. 

Before go to bed, he told me that he had to work tomorrow. I was upset as I thought he already allocate the full day for me.  

Next morning, he rushed to finish up the job, then I felt at ease abit. 

About 12pm, we departed to Bukit Tinggi.

Weather was nice. In deed, Colmar Tropicale is a beautiful place. I love the serenity environment, perhaps because it's on a weekday.

We checked in to hotel, then took a walk at the little French village, snap photos.

Then we proceed to Japanese village.

We walked in to a Japanese restaurant, had a nice meal there. There's no other customer except us. I guess it was almost closing time.

The Japanese village is very small as well. There is botanical garden with a man-made river.

The Japanese village close at 6pm. The guard started to chase people to catch the last shuttle bus. There was a couple were refused to obey as he keeps saying that their limousine was on the way and insisted  to be waited at where he stand. Somehow the guard were helpless because the young couple doesn't  look like they can afford to have a vip limousine . Just a few seconds later, the limousine reached. The couple get in the car with a real bad face. Lol!

We walked down to get our car and back to the little Colmar village. I guess the couple was going back to their palace, an 5 star luxury spa hotel - The Chateau sitted right opposite the village. Jack tried to turn in to The Chateau to take a look, but stopped by the guard. "Bonjour, bonjour, no visitor allow." Lol! Okay, we made a u-turn.

We go back to hotel and celebrate. :D

When night fall, the village atmosphere is really romantic. 

We had a romantic candle light dinner too. Tasty, but just too salty. LoL!

There goes my birthday celebration..

Next day, was my dancing teacher's birthday, our dance mates celebrate our birthday together!

Thanks so much for the cakes and presents! 

Few days later, another celebration with best friends. 

Photo credit to Sky Arts Productions
Love you all! 

I'm blessed to have you all on my 32 birthday! Appreciate much! ^_^

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