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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Dance : Girlstyle

This year MeiXin and I decided to drop the Kpop dance class, as its getting boring by time goes on, perhaps we are not so into kpop songs anymore. 

So, here we are. The Girlstyle dance class. 

Teacher SueYin were so happy to see us here, yea, we want to learn something new, more creative, rather than just follow the choreagraphy by the kpop groups. 

It's seems like a long time since the last time we dance. That was before chinese new year, it is more than a month. Let's start moving!!

First song of Girlstyle dance -- Formation by Beyonce. 

Check out the music video. 

I have not heard of this song before, as I am now always on 988 radio station, very seldom on English station. hmm.. seems like I have to catch up some of the trendy English songs. 

After class, I check out the songs in youtube, and found this dance chorea by Lia Kim, this is so powerful, even their students did well too! I'm jelly ! LoL!

If only I am so good in dancing.. check this out !

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