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Wow~! It's already year 2018.
2017 was a year filled with changes.. lotsss of changes.
From work life, to personal life..
Let's recap some stories happening back in 2017..

Beginning of 2017
Old company getting slow in business, big boss was sick and seldom came to the office, the sons was trying to take over but again there's always a "ghost" in the office. Decided to tender resignation after 5 years servicing this company, people's here are really nice except the "ghost". Boss wanted to retain me but not thru a proper channel, this won't earn a respect. Then the "ghost" was playing around, manipulating things, make people's life miserable is his inborn talent. 
After all the drama, with heavy heart, I had left the company. 
Thank you everyone who really take good care of me, appreciate much, wishing you all good luck always. 

April 2017
After went through few tough interview, finally joined a new company, but nightmare started. 
It looks go…